Understanding Your Audience Through Twitter

The micro blogging site with 335 million monthly users that enables its users to post and read short massages. Twitter has been well known hub for following and interactions between brands, celebrities and common people.

Usually a lot of companies under-utilise twitter. Irrespective of your company’s age and size, a company can actually go all in on twitter and grow, by understanding what are people actively discussing about and engaging with. The best companies that are loud on twitter always make sure that they are aligning most of their engagement with their brand voice.

Twitter has empowered it’s users to interact with the brands in such a way that the voice of common people on twitter is much louder, compared to any other platform and these interactions also spread on other platforms when they are powerful enough through memes and screenshots. The more and more you interact with the audience, your brand tends to understand what are people thinking about your brand and what is clicking and what is not ticking with the audience’s voice.

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