Hello world: We are RealEstate.Exchange

RealEstate.Exchange (RE.X) is a blockchain-born company that aims to make real estate investment available for everyone, everywhere.

We are born out of DigiShares — a company that provides a platform that enables you to tokenize your assets and get more control and flexibility over the process. We enable you to automate, reduce administrative costs, fractionalize and increase liquidity through trading.

Why tokenize the real estate industry?

We believe everyone should be able to participate in real estate investment. By using blockchain technology, we are now able to do things automated, that historically have had huge barriers of entry.
With the real estate assets on the blockchain, everyone can now participate in real estate investment.
We are building the token BRICK an ERC-20 utility token that acts as a liquidity token to create a superior experience when trading and borrowing against real estate tokens on RealEstate.Exchange.
BRICK is used not only to support a fast and low-cost trading experience but also to incentivize investors to provide liquidity in the market. In addition, BRICK will be used to reward lenders and borrowers on RealEstate.Exchange.

The Global Tokenization Market

Assets on the blockchain are growing, fast:

World Economic Forum estimates that 10% of global GDP is recorded on the blockchain by 2027
JLL projects 80% of all investments into real estate in just 60 cities around the globe, meaning that 1000s of areas are underserved.
MIT claims that 93% of real estate is beyond the reach of retail investors.

Without a doubt, it’s a massive revolution, and the most exciting part is that each person can actively take part in that journey of transformation.

Stay tuned — we’re working our asses off to launch the platform — but here is a sneak peek:

Visit RealEstate.Exchange to learn more.




RealEstate.Exchange is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and DeFi lending marketplace that allows investors to buy, sell and borrow against real estate on the blockchain.

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