Launch Your Real Estate Assets With RE.X

We are getting ready to launch our platform for tokenized real estate investments on blockchain: RealEstate.Exchange

Though we already have some real estate in the stable, we want 2–3 more exciting projects to come along with us for the launch of RE.X

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Benefits For Your Project

  • Heavy promotion: Marketing throughout all our channels
  • Assistance to issue your real estate: As an ERC-1400 or ERC-1404 security token
  • Easy integration: With other DeFi products, -pools, and liquidity providers
  • Liquidity: We integrate with large DEXs in the world
  • Compliance: Not only is RealEstate.Exchange compliant as a legal entity, but we also ensure that people who trade real estate tokens are whitelisted and verified by our KYC and AML providers
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What Is Required From You

  • An exciting project ready to launch on our decentralized exchange platform.
  • Class A property in an attractive location with exciting presentation materials
  • Property must be appraised by a trusted third party and have a value above $5m. At least 10% of shares must be listed
  • Property must be tokenized on Ethereum with either ERC-1400 or ERC-1404 protocols
  • Property must be fully constructed and generate yield (rental income, etc.)
  • A small portion of the amount you raise (down to 1%) must be invested in the BRICK token
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Get In Contact:

Are you ready to take the next step with your real estate asset? Please get in touch! We can help you no matter how far you are in the process of tokenizing your real estate on blockchain.




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