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Karuizawa’s Many Burrows

Part 2: Where can I afford to buy in Karuizawa? 軽井沢

Kyu-Karuizawa (old Karuizawa):

Pics of the 15m house I looked at above Mampei Hotel © Ricky
49m JPY in Mikasa Villa © Ricky

Ogura no Sato

54m JPY 1 story house being built

Sengataki West

Aerial of supposed “Gates Compound” — note tennis court size for reference
59m JPY — the one that got away !

NakaKaruizawa — 三井の森 and Hoshino

Close proximity to Harunire — but the slope killed it. 18m JPY for 1k sqm.
100sqm house, 1.3k sqm land, near Harunire 42m JPY — the catch?

Below Sengataki West

52m JPY new development — not bad at all

Honorable Mention Areas



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