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A Perfect Fit: Cryptocurrency and RealFevr Fantasy Leagues

We believe cryptocurrency is a perfect fit for our fantasy sports platform RealFevr

Anyone paying attention to innovations in the technology space recently has probably noticed the huge amount of blockchain focused projects. Bitcoin blazed the trail by engineering an incredible new payment system that has stood the test of time. ICOs (usually based on Ethereum) have allowed investors to securely invest in businesses involved in the space. This has essentially created an exciting new investment asset. The cryptosphere has certainly generated a ton of buzz, and it’s becoming abundantly clear the technology is here to stay.

Does RealFevr really need a cryptocurrency? What is FevrCash?

While RealFevr doesn’t currently offer wagering amongst users within our platform, this is something we are actively pursuing. Cryptocurrencies offer a fast, secure, and transparent method to transfer digital goods or money, and the ability to process payments without involving a 3rd party. Due to regulation, accepting payments is a convoluted issue for a fantasy sports platform and, in most cases, depends on the legislation in each country. Using cryptocurrency provides a possible solution, and RealFevr intends to be fully compliant with any licensing before offering cryptocurrency backed features.

At RealFevr we want to offer a cutting edge fantasy sports experience to a global audience. Dealing with multiple currencies would be cumbersome, to say the least. Because of this it’s important for us that our users share a common currency for any transactions they do on RealFevr, and they’ll be able to do this with FevrCash. FevrCash purchases will be handled within our apps or website, and they unlock advanced features greatly enhancing the user experience on RealFevr.

“It’s long been said that the one thing slowing cryptocurrencies down from really taking off is public awareness. We believe the mass adoption of this technology will actually happen on platforms like RealFevr, where cryptos are used within an application without even realizing it.”

For example, this article is being served using the TCP/IP protocol and is written in HTML. Did you even remember that before reading this line?

Providing transparency to our users is also important to us. When someone purchases FevrCash with fiat cash on our platforms, they are actually purchasing our newly minted token on the Ethereum blockchain: FevrCoin. FevrCash is then converted from FevrCoin through our state of the art gateway payment system, but the user doesn’t even realize it. Utilizing the dual token system provides liquidity and stability, giving an actual utility for this new coin, and the blockchain provides the engine.

Cool! But how I can benefit?

One thing that users comment about on fantasy platforms with paid features and wagering are the fees. We think that saving money on payment processing will allow RealFevr to provide extremely competitive rakes, and we’ll pass the savings on to our users.

Waiting for your fiat currency to land can take days, or even weeks on fantasy sports platforms. Using crypto should enable almost instantaneous transactions to and from RealFevr. Want to send FevrCash to another user instantly? Yep, we can do that.

“Worried about Crypto’s volatility? No problem, the dual token system has it covered. FevrCash will be fiat stable as it’s pegged to either USD or the Euro.”

You’re an investor? By purchasing FevrCoin you are offered the opportunity to actually invest in the business behind RealFevr. As an investor you can outright purchase FevrCoin, the engine behind the RealFevr economy. Because FevrCoins will be the only source for FevrCash, when a user purchases FevrCash on our platforms it puts upwards pressure on the price of the token. And because it’s crypto, you can HODL it as an investment, or sell it anytime you please.

As of today RealFevr has over half a million users and FevrCoins will be limited in supply. When we reach 10 million users the price of this limited asset will reflect the potential growth of RealFevr — the company. We’ve intentionally built in a correlation between the value of the business and the value of its underlying cryptocurrency.

There are many exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks about our plans with RealFevr, the new token, and the team of people behind the scenes. Whitepaper, roadmap, and website explaining our plans will be unveiled very soon. Here’s hoping you’ll subscribe to our social channels below and come along for the journey with us.

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