After taking this Self-Awareness Questionnaire, You Won’t be same.


Six years back, in 2011, I wrote an article in my personal dairy with title “The Self-Awareness Questionnaire”.

That day I was going through a handful of books like Interpret the Dreams, Handwriting Analysis, 10 Strategies for winning at Life and How to Read People like a Book in my college’s Library. And I came across this thing i.e. “The Self-Awareness Questionnaire” in the book titled “10 Strategies for Winning at Life” by Scott MacMillan.

This wonderful introspection art rose a great enthusiasm in me, after all who doesn’t want to find his or her own self! Who doesn’t want to know his or her underlying motives of doing anything! And So, I took the pen started my journey within!

The questionnaire actually is very penetrating and I really wanted to share it with all. And since this Medium acts as a great medium for people like us who wanted to share a lot but never found the right audience to hear, may be someone somewhere may get the best from this here!

“On your deathbed, the only person you’ll have to answer to is the person you look at in the mirror every morning.”
- Robin Sharma

Some of you might be thinking its too much of a strain to find answers of these whys! I know. But the best part is, once you pass that barrier, you will reach to a whole new dimension wherein you wont be so much of a stranger to your ownself as you are right now. Take the step!

Source: “10 Strategies for Winning at Life” by Scott MacMillan.