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Blackstone: The Last City of Listeria

The city-state Blackstone was the only place that was not touched by the global conflict. Mainly because of a geographical location: the city is located on a hill surrounded by the sea, so the steep coast did not allow it to approach undetected and protected it from the sea assault. The only possible way to reach Blackstone is a narrow passage, which was blocked by a 30-meter wall during the war, which made the assault almost impossible. Also the unwillingness of the city’s rulers to participate in a devastating conflict helped Blackstone to actually remain the only surviving place in a huge world where refugees, craftsmen and warriors who survived the battles began to flock.

All authority in the city is divided between houses which control most of the economy and industry, so they are the most influential Blackstone organizations. House leaders gather as a council, solving vital issues and taking decisions on further development. Not a single significant event takes place in the city without them.

Houses are divided according to beliefs and areas of interest:

The House of Blades is an organization that has been engaged in the production and supply of weapons since the beginning of time. During the war, they supplied weapons to all parts of the conflict, which soon made them one of the richest organizations in all of Listeria. When the war ended, they began to recruit all the surviving warriors into their ranks for helding the power and preventing the adoption of unprofitable decisions for their house.

House of Inventors — it was created to collect, save and develop scientific achievements that were made in previous eras. The best minds, great inventors, and technomancers have begun to cooperate for creation of various mechanisms that make life easier. When some of their inventions were turned into weapons, it was a huge blow to the house. They are now fighting for uniting all survivors under their protectorate and to begin restoring peace through the use of technology.

The House of Shadows is perhaps the most mysterious organization to join: this is almost impossible. This organization monitors the development and order in the city, it fights criminals and vices. Representatives of any race could be invited to their ranks: the best warriors, bounty hunters and other adventurers. It confronts all other houses and only occasionally while pursuing its interests they conclude alliances — and it acts only until these interests are reached, after which this agreement can be terminated.\

All other Blackstone homes and organizations are less significant and small. Nevertheless, their followers still sometimes get to solving certain issues and making decisions.

The city itself also consists of several parts.

The House of Blades owns a military garrison, it is located near the city wall, for quick access to it and to quickly repel the attack on the city. Barracks, arsenals with weapons, training camps and other military buildings are situated there.

In the northern part of the city is located the House of Inventors: in this area there are magic schools, technical laboratories and test sites. The choice of accommodation fell on the northern part of the city due to the proximity of the port. A huge number of resources are delivered via the sea route, which are necessary for the production of certain mechanisms.

The shopping district is one of the largest areas of the city, nevertheless it does not stand out in anything special. But every building is involved in commerce here, and trade does not stop either at day or night. Among all this turmoil, the headquarters of the House of Shadows, disguised as one of the guilds of merchants, is being hidden. Here various operations are planned, and after that their performers dissolve without a trace in the crowd…

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