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Create-an-item contest

Greetings, fellow Listerians! About a month ago we held our first community contest to define the most creative folks, and we also promised that due to the huge number of participants we will run something similar again. As you might remember, the previous contest was about creating your own hero, so this time we have decided to keep the creative part in it, but with some changes. For the whole month we were publishing the pieces of mystery lore of Legends of Listeria, hero stories etc. But can a good game with a detailed history exist without the epic items everybody wants to obtain? For us the answer is evident — no, it can not! So this is the point, where we offer you to become the writer of Listerian lore — let us finally introduce create-an-item contest: we expect to see mighty and powerful artefacts, that can either save the continent or bring the era of ultimate doom, it is totally up to you, which exact history you are about to share with us!


They will be quite the same as in our previous contest: we will run a special Google Form with certain questions hoping for your unlimited imagination while you will write all those stories, so basically there will be no limit for your creativity! The only point might be that we recommend you to use the parts of equipment that will be represented in Legends of Listeria (head, weapon, armor, amulet, belt, boots and two rings), so you can better associate them with a game and heroes and well, who knows — maybe one day they will become tradable NFTs! The last important detail — to be eligible for participating in the contest you will need to be subscribed on our Twitter and Telegram, this will be controlled! Let us just give you a brief example of how an item description can look:

What is the name of your artefact?

“Dal’Kar-esh, the Dragon Slayer”.

Introduce us to its story!

“Back at the times people did not know any of magic, when the ancient gods ruled Listeria and people worshipped dragons as their avatars, there was an aggressive barbarian tribe that did not respect any authorities. Their ruler, Khairi, was a man of steel who won numerous battles with all the neighbouring kingdoms which wanted his head in order to be the first to please Volzhif — the blue dragon that was the mightiest in this part of Listeria. He could destroy an army with his five-second fire breath and dragon priests even told the legends that he can rule life and death. Apparently, he was the only worthy opponent remaining for Khairi, so the barbarian lord desired Volzhif to be dead and buried. Thus, the magnificent axe was created by the most talented blacksmith of the tribe and Khairi named him “Dal’Kar-esh” which, ironically, in the ancient dragon language means “Death to the Tyrans”. So, armed and ready, Khairi went to the dragon’s lair….

From this point the stories are different: some people say that Khairi defeated Volzhif and beheaded him thus obtaining the mysterious dragon powers; others say that Volzhif liked the spirit of the barbarian that much that he freezed him for eternity, took his guise and put all of his power to this axe, establishing the new barbarian kingdom afterwards, but the fact is, that Dal’Kar-esh actually exists, and the last trace of it was at the Great War. People tell, that Nargenrak, a gnome palace guard, who was the impersonation of blood and gore, fought with it, killing innocent people and enjoying himself after. He was dead and buried after the war, so where Dal’Kar-esh now is unknown, but do you think it will stop treasure hunters from attempts to achieve the power of the dragon?

What is so special about it (powers/unique features)?

Volzhif was the dragon of time, so many people tend to think that it gives the opportunity to freeze your enemies in battle. Besides, the spirit of Khairi still lives in it, so Dal’Kar-esh empowers anyone who hold him with the barbarian fury and desire for murder.

That is just an example, do not tie yourself to any particular style of story telling or Listerian lore — just free your imagination and you would definitely be among the winners!

Then we will ask your Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons ID in order for us to define a winner, after that we will ask you to tell us your Twitter and Telegram accounts, and the last one will be the stop for the most creative guys — if you are good at painting, you can also submit the drawn picture of your item, we would love that, but keep in mind — max number of files is one, the maximum size is 1 MB! So, finally, let us talk about the sweetest part — the rewards!

Don’t worry, they are still as juicy as month ago, let us remind you a bit:

3 place — 1.500 $LIS!

2 place — 2.222 $LIS!

1 place — 3.700 $LIS!

Still worthy prizes, right, ladies and gentlemen? We are already eager to see what items you have prepared for us! The contest will last till Friday, so rush, guys, there is not much time left! And do not forget to subscribe on our social media — for this week we have plenty of interesting information to share with you!

See you on Friday, Listerians! Let it be epic!

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