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Creatures of Listeria

The world of Listeria is inhabited with a vast number of astonishing creatures: some of them are only Listerian legends and others are a part of everyday life. Today we are going to tell you about these creatures, starting with once which are owned by everybody who travels a lot or runs his own farm.

Grey Lizards

Grey Lizards have become an essential part of everyday life. Before starting a trip, travelers saddle those hardy reptiles, which are capable of carrying the rider all day long. It is easy for them to travel through mountains and swamps, as well as through deserts and forests. No obstacle is insurmountable for those proud animals, so that is why they are loved by their owners. But they are popular not only because of their travel skills — before technomancers invented agricultural machinery, those lizards were ubiquitously used on the fields and farms, plowing the land with large ploughs installed on their back. Even though technologies mostly replaced them in that field, some of the farmers still use their pets for such work.

Between such a lizard and his owner there is a special type of bond — the animal feels for his anxieties and often is not capable of surviving alone, when her master dies. Some scientists think that Grey Lizards are the descendants of the ancient dragons, who decided to live among people. Nobody knows if it is true or not, but hopefully humanity will be able to answer this question at some point.

Ancient dragons

Since we have started to speak of dragons, let us notice that those creatures have existed in Listeria since the beginning of time. They are heavily tied with plenty of legends and myths: in some they are the natural disasters and cataclysms, in others they are the protectors of people and nature. But all the histories are similar in one point — those creatures are extremely powerful and mighty.

Listerian legends know very little real mentions of dragons, but one of them can be trusted and told. Around five hundred year ago one insidious dragon, known as the Lord of Undead, decided to conquer all the continent, destroying the whole cities and countries, keeping at bay all races. Several sources name him as the worst disaster that people ever faced, but suddenly he just strangely disappeared. Nobody knows why the doom of Listeria had gone: all attacks and terror stopped, and life slowly got back to normal. But people still apprehensively remember those times, fearing that someday he will return.

On the contrary, we have another dragon in the northern part of Listeria. There was a kingdom that united the ideals of justice, chivalry and valor. Once upon a time, while flying over the plundered city, a young golden dragon noticed poor people, who were dying from hunger. Crime was the ruler of this city, diseases spreaded there really fast and human life hardly worthed a penny. Then the dragon took pity for the citizens and showed himself in the guise of the luminous knight in shiny armor. It took him only a couple of years to defeat all human vices in this place, turning decay into prosperity, and thus he became the ruler of the new kingdom. Establishing the Order of the Golden Wing, he shared the piece of his power with the knights, and the became the defenders of people, wandering around the Listeria, helping the poor and punishing the evil. This king was remembered as a kind and righteous ruler, who always standed for his people. Even though this kingdom was destroyed during the Great War, rumours still tell that the noble king-dragon still wanders around the world with his trusted followers, doing good deeds and helping the people.


For now let’s stop our talks about clawy and scaly creatures: it is time to hear the story about something more cute. In the centre of the continent there is an ancient Forest Rusco, which is considered as a birthplace for magic of this world. In this forest live probably the most amazing creatures of all Listeria — kitsune-foxes. It is considered that the goddess Taiyo created them in her own image and likeness: as she was the protector of wilderness and people, her children started to keep nature and the forest. Those little ginger creatures are playful and curious, so if a random stranger walks into their forest, they surely would like to know more about them, wandering around and trying to play with him or jump into his hands. The most gifted and strongest foxes can learn how to temporarily use peoples’ guise, copying the traits of the person they like. Those kitsunes are being oftenly met by travelers in the forest, and they can chat a lot, sharing interesting knowledge at the same time, becoming friends with the one they met. Sometimes it happens that the foxes decide to leave their sacred forest to follow the person they like. It is considered that this guy will be blessed with success and luck. Kitsune were appreciated by people in any part of Listeria, there were festivals and feasts in their honor, also they were gifted with different treats. Sadly, playful foxes are given less and less attention lately, and after Taiyo got angry at humanity, people started to avoid the Rusco Forest. Because of that, kitsunes get saddened: they miss everybody’s attention, but still hope that at some point people will once again remember their ginger friends and life will be joyful and funny again.

That is all for today, but in the future we plan to tell you more about the mysterious creatures of the continent. Stay in touch, fellow Listerians!

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