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From CryptoSoul to Realis

Greetings, our dear community members! We feel that we need to give an update on the future of our project, and thus we want to share the strategic decision that the CryptoSoul team has made. Throughout the years we have been running the project, we have successfully taken our community, and the industry itself to a new era of blockchain game design. This is the exact reason why we have to evolve — both in terms of rebranding and presenting you with exclusive technologies. But let’s be consistent and move step-by-step from one point of the article to another.

A little bit of history and a big thanks to community

In 2017 when we launched the CryptoSoul project, we thought of unveiling the unique idea of open and free partially decentralized games in order to create an ecosystem for our players. Before we actually started and only had ideas of Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons, this was mostly a dream — achieving the recognition we have right now both from the community and from the industry itself. Years of hard work are behind us, and now this ecosystem actually exists. But this would not happen without people, who are the nerves and the blood of this project — people, who are playing and love our games. We are sincerely grateful to the members of our community, for believing in us and giving our team the power to continue doing what we are doing. Thank you so much for your support! With your substantial help and feedback, we have been developing CryptoSoul for 4 years and now we are finally taking the next step, not forgetting to continue hearing and interacting with you, of course. This year we are planning to launch our own blockchain, boosting our ecosystem opportunities. For this we are preparing the transition to a new revolutionary open economic model. Our team has been hatching this idea for a long time, before we became extremely popular in the blockchain gaming industry, and we are happy to announce its implementation and tell you about our successes that are to come in the near future. We are proud to present — CryptoSoul becomes Realis.Network.

What is Realis

Realis.Network is the next stage in the development of our games. Basically, we wanted to show that the CryptoSoul team is ready for expanding our ecosystem and thus we needed to throw away the old name, and take up the new one, which is also able to loudly speak of our intentions and plans. So let’s get to the point: we are working on launching Merge Cats, Crypto Dragons, and Legends of Listeria (our brand new MOBA project) on the architecture of our own blockchain based on Substrate technology. This will create a unique case in blockchain gaming and development. The purpose of developing and implementing our own blockchain is our unique model of the NFT marketplace and the new token. We actually wanted to make it possible to create and trade different NFT items (like in-game items or even heroes in our Legends of Listeria game) and reduce the commissions for users who are handling our ecosystem tokens. We know that the community of Crypto Soul was waiting for such solutions for a while, but with our smart contracts functioning on Ethereum blockchain and our current economic model it was hardly possible. And this is where we are getting to the point of introducing the new token and its utility model — $LIS.

What is $LIS and what will happen to $SOUL tokens

The LIS token is meant to become a key element of Realis.Network economy, giving its holders large opportunities to interact with our blockchain and ecosystem in general. In addition to collecting and exchanging NFT items on our own marketplace, users will be able to vote on decisions in the Realis ecosystem using staked LIS tokens, basically participating in our project`s DAO program and deciding where Realis is going to move next. Furthermore, the plan is also to continue to improve our Play2Earn model for obtaining LIS tokens through our mobile games Merge Cats, Crypto Dragons and future MOBA Legends of Listeria, so our community can also earn while playing games created by Realis.Network team.

Each player who owns SOUL tokens will be able to receive LIS tokens in the amount of 25 SOUL for 1 LIS in the form of futures, which this fall will be replaced by a 1:1 cryptocurrency asset in our Realis blockchain. On August 5, we will automatically replace all SOUL tokens with LIS in your personal account with and on the balances of Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons. Starting from August 5, 2021, we will stop supporting the SOUL tokens and will only support LIS tokens in Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons games. Please prepare yourself so it won’t be a big surprise for you. The detailed swap information will be released shortly.

What’s next

At this time we are going to work hard on taking our existing games to a new blockchain and to finish developing the ecosystem itself. We also need to finalize $LIS token metrics, so by autumn we will be ready to present you the whole token utility and information on where and how it is going to be traded. And do not forget, we are about to present you the Legends of Listeria game soon enough, with an approximate release date of this fall. Many different promo-events are coming up considering the new release, so make sure that you have subscribed to all our social networks not to miss anything! All upcoming activities are to be announced there.

Again, thanks to every member of the community for support! We plan to continue to work on our favorite games. And see you on the fields of Merge Cats, Crypto Dragons and soon Legends of Listeria!



Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies on Substrate in Polkadot ecosystem.

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Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies for a mass audience