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Halloween contest results

Greetings, our dear community members! Listerian Halloween fest is closed, thus you are probably wondering — who are those Realis users who have turned out to be most creative this time? We are excited to share these amazing stories with you, but first of all, we thank everyone who has participated in that contest, showing that our community is extremely creative and ready to make their wonderful contributions to the deep Listerian lore! Also, we might remind you — many more contests are upcoming alongside with Legends of Listeria release! Subscribe to all our social media to learn how you can earn some $LIS before the game will start!

3-rd place — Artbacjr001

“On the 13th day after started Listeria evolved in the midst of outer space, a strange phenomenon happened in time. While other super dragons kill each other to occupy their own land. Eerie sounds were heard from nowhere before a big blast came from the mouth of a volcano and black smoke almost cover the land of Listeria.

Quakes come and in the small portion of a fault line, two capsules came out and float in mid-air. One capsule is like a meteorite surface and the other is a super shiny black smooth surface. Like a magnet, the two capsules strike together and merge to another level. And in a split-second capsule broke into pieces that freely come out the new species of Super Ultra Dragon.

Super Ultra Dragon is the ugliest and scariest dragon ever. With the tail of a scorpion and a paw gold in color. All of his body and face have no feathers but only his shoulder had, with six eyes, mouth so big, pointed ears, full of horns UpTo his back and has two pairs of wings.

The quest begins after eating all the clover he sees in the speed of sound flying to rule all over Listeria.”

A great addition to a Listerian Halloween lore, it was very interesting to read! This user takes the prize of 1200 $LIS, and we shall move on to the next winners!

2-nd place — R4geNwb

It is not the first time we select this guy as the winner of our contests — he is really creative and each of his stories is a pleasure to read! This time he has entertained us with the mysterious tale about the “Curse of Shayak”! Let us read it together:

“The day and year are unknown, but it’s the autumn season. The place is somewhere in the south, in the swamps at the very end of Forest Rusco where no one has been wandering for decades. Oh, it’s not because of an ancient dragon roaming around its lair, nor because this place has nothing of interest: it has! Or at least, it had.

Suddenly, a scream in the dark. “NOT AGAIN ! I WON’T”. The voice is the one of Shayak, the oldest of his tribe of Monkey people living at the edge of the forest, far from the East where they were banished from. The reason? Simple: the old Shayak is a voodoo witch doctor. Nobody knows when or where he learned his arts, but it just didn’t fit the Monkey people lifestyle.

“I swear if I eat one more spoon of that disgusting soup I’ll turn you into a crippled frog !”. The exile in this hostile region forced Shayak and his folks to change their habits, and there was not much to eat for vegetarian folks here at this time of the year, apart from pumpkins growing in the mud. But that day, Shayak had enough: he was determined to get out of that swamp and try his luck with the great forest and beyond. In a gloomy ritual (involving dead chicken and frog skulls, the usual voodoo stuff), he lifted from the ground what would soon be his greatest creation: a 30-feet tall Pumpkin Golem made of roots, branches, and… well… pumpkin, hoping to control it to help him go out of here and crush whatever resistance would come across his path.

But his powerful magic had the best of him, and the hate that he had for pumpkin soup got fused into that soulless giant. The creature was filled with anger, out of control, destroyed the settlement, and killed the old Shayak. Luckily for the folks of Listeria, after a few days of wandering randomly, it got rotten and collapsed by itself. But the voodoo curse of the dead witch doctor still haunts this region where no one dares to wander to this day, and it is said that every year at the same time when pumpkins grow, the creature made of roots and branches rises from the swampy ground to growl to the moon out of anger for his former master…”

Congrats on the fair earned the prize of 2.400 $LIS, that history has some Halloween spirit! But right now we move on to the first place.

1-st place — KylieLoesch

So, it is finally time for you to meet our today’s winner! His story is large and interesting, so grab a cup of tea and be ready to dive into it with great pleasance!

“In the country of Listeria, there was a house that everyone knew was haunted. It was an old neglected house on a side street in the oldest part of town. Sometimes, the most wonderful smells issued from the house and filled the street with the heavenly odor of sweet caramel apples.

Sometimes, the neighbors would hear the sound of music and laughter coming from the empty house as if there was a wonderful party in full swing. Whenever that happened, the neighbors would look at each other and say, “It sounds like a nice party, I wish I was invited.” Whatever ghosts haunted the old house, they were benign and friendly ghosts. But even the friendliest spirits are scary and no one ever actually went inside the house. With the possible exception of a young boy being dared by his playmates, no one ever even stepped foot on the front porch.

One day a family moved into town from a distant city. They saw the empty house and asked the neighbors, “who owned it?” They were told the owner was unknown and that the property could be bought for back taxes. No one told the stranger about the house’s curious history. They went to City Hall and purchased the property. Soon after moving in, however, strange things began to happen– odd noises in the night, weird lights drifting from room to room, the smell of caramel apples from a cold kitchen, and, worst of all, the sound of a party when the new owners were trying to sleep.

After a few days, the man’s wife declared that she could no longer live in such a haunted place and moved out taking the children with her. Before long, the man gave up as well. He was forced to find another place to live but he was angry at the neighbors for not warning him about the house’s reputation. He was angry at the town board for not telling him that the house was occupied by ghosts. In fact, he was angry at everyone in town for treating him so badly. So he went to the mayor to complain and see if he could get his money back. The mayor refused to say he never misrepresented the house as anything it was not. “Just because a house is haunted,” he said, “doesn’t mean you can’t live there. The trick is making friends with the ghosts, learning to get along with them.”

So the man went to the Pastor of the local church and told him his problem. The Pastor said, “You’ve been in town for a month and only now when you’re having a problem, do you come and see me? Well, sit down and tell me what’s on your mind.”

So the man sat and told the Pastor about the haunted house he’d bought. Now the Pastor in this village was considered a wise man, set in his ways, conservative in his manner and beliefs. He wasn’t open to new ideas but, reluctantly, he agreed to visit the house and see exactly what the man was talking about.

The Pastor accompanied the man to the house. As they approached the block the house was on, the Pastor’s smelled a delicious smell. “What’s that wonderful smell?” he asked.

“It’s the ghosts preparing caramel apples,” the man replied.

When they got closer, the Pastor stopped to listen. He turned to the man and inquired, “I hear music. Is someone having a party?”

“It’s the ghosts having a party,” replied the man.

They went inside and looked around the empty house. The Pastor sat at a table while the man looked for something to serve his guest. He found an old bottle of whiskey and poured a glass for the Pastor and one for himself. They toasted each other’s health and drank.

“So you moved from Little Rock to Listeria?” said the Pastor. “My parents live in Little Rock, I know the town well.”

The man, it turned out, knew some of the Pastor’s relatives. They talked and joked about those things they had in common and felt a friendship growing. They were having such a pleasant time that before they knew it, three hours had passed.

They were gone so long, the man’s wife began to get nervous. “He went to the Pastor’s house hours ago,” she said to herself. “Maybe the ghosts got him.” So she picked herself up and went to the Pastor’s house and introduced herself to the Pastor’s wife. Together they pooled their misgivings about ghosts and their worries about their husbands and went to the haunted house together. They peeked in the windows and saw the two men sitting at a table drinking, laughing, and having a good time. The wives joined their husbands and found that they had much to talk about.

The laughing and talking attracted the neighbors who stopped by and introduced themselves. Pretty soon the kitchen was filled with the smell of caramel apples. A neighbor brought his fiddle and another brought his guitar. And just like that, there was a party. The old house was filled with real smells and real laughter. It was alive again and that, of course, was what it wanted all along.

From that day to this, the old house came alive again and its ghosts were laid to rest never to be seen or heard of again.”

Enjoyable, right? It is hard to disagree that the creativity of this user fairly deserves the first place of 3.600 $LIS! Congratulations to our today’s winner and thanks to him for treating Listerian lore so carefully. Realis team appreciates you very much!

Hope you, our dear community members, will love the stories we had for you today. And remember — alongside Legends of Listeria coming up we will have more promos and contests for you! Stay tuned for official announcements and hope to see you soon on the Listerian battlegrounds!

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