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Hyo — keeper of Twilight Forest

Hyo was recognised as one of the most talented mages of his generation: he left all same-age apprentices far behind while studying magic, and no one of them could match his skills. When he realised that even his masters could not give him any new knowledge, he dived deeply in studying ancient scrolls using the oldest library that was in the capital of Listeria. He did not show in public often, so locals started to think that he was in search of ancient dark magic. Hyo was amused by his reputation and fear that it raised among the people, thinking that it boosts his bad reputation and keeps his seclusion.

War caught him off guard. Even when the city was besieged, he refused to leave the library. It was all the same for him, but at the same time he was curious: why did almost all habitants of Listeria get into this bloody massacre? Hyo tried to search for the answer in books. And he got lucky at one moment: in one ancient manuscript a mention of one of the first mages with enormous arcane power was found. Studying this knowledge would make Hyo the strongest sorcerer of the era, and if he could master the magic of time control, the world could be saved from this useless war.

Hyo’s adventure

So, the decision was made. Hyo hit the trail immediately since he had to reach the forgotten lands in the east in order to find the mysterious Twilight Forest, where an ancient lab was concealed. During the times of war, mages were tracked, so he went on foot and during his journey his will to change the world was becoming stronger and stronger, when he saw convoys of refugees and hills of burning corpses.

After several weeks Hyo was far east standing in front of Twilight Forest — the kingdom of wild and unchained nature, almostly untouched by civilization. When he crossed the forest border, he felt that everything around is filled with ancient magic. Advancing forward, he met ancient buildings, covered with unknown runes. After another day of wandering Hyo found the remains of a temple in the center of local swamps.

While moving down to the temple’s dungeon, Hyo felt some unknown anxiety, and suddenly behind another doorway he finally saw the lab. It was filled with unknown objects, different ancient scrolls and books. It took Hyo a couple of days to read and try to translate all he found: the awareness of how to use all these objects was nearby, but answers constantly slipped away from him. At one point a magic ball got Hyo’s attention, which was lying unnoticed on the book shelf. He took it into his hand, dropping it at the same time. It was enough for ancient curse to start acting, Hyo started to lose his human face. And the voice spoke in his head: “Finally I can leave my burden to you and have peace…”

Keeper of Twilight Forest

There is so little human left in him, that he has decided to cover his face behind the scarf. Right now it is clear for Hyo, that he can’t get back to the world of humans, most likely he will stay in this forest forever. But at the same time he recognized his abilities to study the magic of nature: when Hyo advanced in it, he was able to control plants and animals, and even the fastest enemy could not escape frizzy vines, which he controlled by finger snaps. Hyo’s knowledge in poisons also reached perfection, only one drop can kill the living creature, so he carries a bunch of phials just for the case. Anyone who will pass the Twilight Forest’s border will face its keeper, and it will be a tough challenge to win this battle…

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