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In[F]rastructure of Realis games

Greetings, dear community members! We continue the series of articles that will tell you a bit more about our project’s technical background. Today we are going to speak about one of the most important topics — architecture and blockchain infrastructure.


Re-alis ($LIS) is way more than just a funny game and game currency, it’s a next-gen gaming development platform, which can combine user-friendly gameplay logic, blockchain integration with the deeply customized economy based on game currency and NFTs.

Basic architecture of Realis as a platform consists out four layers:

1. Game layer which is module, client and server architecture, where all gaming flow is based on.

2. Middle layer consists of users’ wallets, which binds gaming modules with blockchain using custodial wallet form.

3. Substrate Blockchain layer is responsible of NFT creation, wallets and token transactions, also maintaining security and transparency of our gaming economy;

4. External layer (Binance “S”mart Chain), which is responsible for operations outside the games;

{T}he layers system represents a module type of architecture, all parts of which can be launched in kubernetes, which has an extremely safe environment and can enlarge to any capacity, providing support even for the largest number of users. We are constantly looking for a way to improve this particular model, but as for now it is the most convenient and reliable one.

Revolution in Play-to-Earn

The existing blockchain games, which are featuring play-to-earn mechanics are based on pyramidal economical schemes (aka Ponzi), that are hidden behind the gaming process. Try to remember games, where you had to invest over $1,000 to begin playing. That is ridiculous, but those times are over.

In order to step away from Ponzi models, we’ve decided to create the first game, which features a mixed free-to-play and play-to-earn economy — Legends of Listeria. It does not require any special knowledge or investment to start making the profits out of the game.

Legends of Listeria economical [s]cheme deserves a separate article, so stay tuned for more information.

Upcoming Realis plans

The upcoming release of “Legends of Listeria” is not the only ambitious goal that we are trying to achieve. Our main purpose is to create a games ecosystem, united by the one game currency — $LIS token and NFT assets, which can be transferred between the games.

Realis seeks to become the world leading blockchain gaming ecosystem, creating an absolutely new class !o!f gaming products and providing users secure ways to interact with blockchain and NFT-assets.

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