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Incrypted AMA Recap

Greetings, our dear English-speaking community members! As a good tradition, we are making a recap of the recent Realis AMA, which, as you might have already noticed, was conducted in Russian, but the topics and questions discussed are definitely worthy of attention from our whole community! Our CEO, Sergey Zasorin, once more joined the hot discussion to clarify the path Realis walks once more, so hope you will find this recap interesting! We have carefully taken only the hottest questions, that were not mentioned in our previous AMA sessions with Double Top and Monit Talks, so let us begin.

1. Can we consider all your three games as a metaverse? Are they connected with each other?

“Games are connected by Realis blockchain and $LIS token, which is, in fact, is one of the important conditions for the metaverse.

We will develop the Listeria universe and further link the heroes with our games. Having an NFT hero in one game will grant you additional bonuses in other ones.

Generally, we are now focusing more on play-2-earn mechanics. If there would be a technology that we can put implement so that all of our games can be the 3D metaverse, we’ll do it, but at the moment we are not making one. Nevertheless, everything is basically ready for implementation, but we will observe — see if it is not just hype”.

2. For example, if I want to offer my own p2e game to Realis, what will I have to do? Will I have to pay some contributions to the project or pass some kind of verification?

“Right now we are focusing more on our own successful cases. You see, every game developer needs to introduce their own in-game currency, in other ways players will have now economic interest in it: why do you sell some other currency in your own project, thus promoting other guys if you can make your own?

The company that will manage to arrange the use of blockchain in AAA projects surely will become a game-changer, but most likely those projects will refuse since they will have to share profits with the players, thus providing them with an asset with real market price + potential regulation problems.

Right now we are about producing successful cases and after that, we can think something about a marketplace for other blockchain developers”.

3. Can you tell us a bit more about DAO in your ecosystem? More tokens — more voting power, or?…

“Yes, we previously regularly conducted surveys on the Telegram announcement channel, now we are conducting those directly in our chat. It is important for us to know the feedback from our players.

But there’s a little problem: the player never knows what he wants. At the same time, the players know what they do not like and what is worth correcting. Or which development option they like better. All this can also be seen in the numbers by conducting good analytics.

Yes, staking tokens will be used in voting. We do not see a reason yet not to consider their amount in votes. If there will be many arguments against such a decision, we will think to change something. So far we do not see problems”.

4. Will tokens somehow affect the gaming process: like leveling-up heroes, purchasing skills, etc., or this is more about visual stuff?

“This is one of the key questions for us since both options are being used in traditional games. Generally, in MLBB games donations can’t buy you a 100% advantage, but you will surely have some bonuses in battle, which is decisive in e-sports, for example, but for most of the players, it will be their personal skills that decide the outcome of the battle.

Our model requires you to play long enough to get bonuses you can obtain from donations — or you can skip this using in-game currency. But we will still overseer the balance so that players who did use $LIS tokens to level up won’t become half gods in the game.

Such a model greatly increases the use case for NFTs and $LIS tokens, thus the only thing we need to do is to maintain the balance I spoke of before”.

5. Do you plan to conduct an IDO?

“Right now we are in the middle of interrogations with some exchanges to know the conditions of listing, but can’t tell you more, NDA, you know. We do not require any additional investments since all our games are profitable at the moment, thus there is no big need in conducting IDO”.

6. To follow up on the previous questions: when do you plan the listing?

“Q1 2022, but there is no exact information yet. We do everything we can to speed up the process”.

7. Can you specify more on the tokenomics after the listing?

“The exact info will be presented after listing, right now I can tell you that 3 billion $LIS is the max supply that we plan, thus not to cause any additional token inflation. Probably, during the governance, we will launch a vote regarding inflation and additional bonuses for nominators”.

Those were the hottest questions discussed in that AMA session, thus we hope our community will like it! Subscribe to our social media not to miss useful articles, contests, and many more!

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Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies on Substrate in Polkadot ecosystem.

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Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies for a mass audience

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