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Introducing Luxtina — The Legendary Priestess Of Listeria

The world of Listeria is home to many races, living in harmony. This magical land of deities that combines technology and magic lives at the center of the world.

For centuries, Listeria has remained hidden from the outside world. Their magic influences the world of the mortals. But some deities of this land prefer to never interfere with the ways of man.

Previously, Listeria was the social hub of culture and technology for the world. But their constant advancement has garnered a lot of envy from the outside world. This forced the people of Listeria to go into hiding after the Last War. It was a great battle fought between the Elves, the Gnomes, and Mankind. After the War, the world of Listeria almost remained hidden and forgotten to the outer world.

A Brief History Of Listeria And Elamalikht

Although religion had a huge influence among the people of Listeria, it had been subdued with the arrival of technological advancements. Many gods, once praised, now seem to have been lost in memory. The rituals, which were a way of living for the people, have now been reduced to mere cultural norms.

But one deity remains strong! The ways of the modern world have not been able to wither the power of the goddess of light and life — Elamalikht. Her powers have, in fact, grown more than ever before. With hundreds of priests as her followers, her majestic cathedrals serve to help the sufferers.

The Birth Of Luxtina

Among the worshippers of Elamalikht, there was a young priestess named Luxtina, who was relatively new to this clan. She joined the temple not very long ago but became a significant figure in a very short time.

When Elamalikht visited her in her dreams and guided her, Luxtina found her divine abilities and purpose in life. She now has the power to heal and cure those who need it the most.

The Childhood Of Luxtina

Far from the city of Blackstone, a princess named Luxtina was growing up. She is the daughter of the governor of a small north continent.

Luxtina, being born of noble blood, had a luxurious life from very early childhood. She was carefree and had everything a child of her age could dream of. Nobody ever thought of her becoming a devotee of a goddess of any kind. But everything was about to be changed forever!

When the Great War, the Last War of Listeria, happened, her principality was involved in the conflict. The War had given birth to hatred and cruelty. Few rulers wanted to loot the resources of others and keep them to themselves. Kingdoms like Grimcraik and its ruler Nargenrak spread violence and suffering everywhere they went.

As the War progressed, her state faced a lot of problems. Unlike most kingdoms, Luxtina’s state had a very defensive standpoint and tried not to interfere in the matters of other lands. But it all changed when some unknown forces sent a mercenary to murder her father. At the age of fourteen, Luxtina was given the huge responsibility of leading her state.

The Birth Of A New And Stronger Empire

Everyone was beginning to think that her kingdom would now surely fall. But Luxtina took it upon her to unite all the forces and move forward. She wanted revenge for her father’s unfair demise. The War went on for years. And to everyone’s surprise, the kingdom that had not suffered any damage before was brought down to its knees under Luxtina’s leadership.

Snowballs rushed towards the lands of her enemies, suffering her wrath. All her opponents were destroyed, and her territory tripled within this time. Luxtina proved to be an even stronger and tougher governor than her predecessors. Her army continued to fight till the War was over.

As the War began to reach its finality, the sky and the earth howled one day. As it all trembled, the largest lands were wiped out from the face of Listeria forever. Millions died, and all resourceful lands turned desolate. Luxtina’s land suffered the same fate. But for some divine purpose, she lived.

Luxtina’s Way To The Temple

Luxtina was now all alone. As she walked by herself, far away from her capital, she realized she was the only survivor. Everyone who was with her was now dead. For days, she kept walking, devastated, with not a single soul in sight.

After several days went by like this, she started to lose hope. But one day, out of nowhere, she came across a group of people who appeared to be refugees. There was a tall figure wearing long church clothes who appeared to be the leader of the scattered group. They took the girl in and offered her warm food.

This was the first time she had had any interaction with another soul in a long time.

As her body began to heal, Luxtina tried to get up with all the strength in her body. The tall man sat beside her and told her to relax. He was Mikhail, the leader of a group and also the priest who worships Elamalikht — the goddess of light and life.

The man explained to Luxtina the horrors of the Last War and its after-effects. He went on to tell her how it completely destroyed several civilizations. Only a few villages remained as the sole survivors. So, Mikhail and his group went out to look for survivors. Ever since, they have been trying to help as many people as possible.

Since her state was no more to exist, the princess now had nowhere to go. She decided to stick around, and the former princess became the priestess Luxtina.

A New Journey Began For Luxtina

The life of the priestess was an entirely new experience for the former royal blood. She had no clue about the way of the priests. But her willingness to learn inspired everyone. The other survivors gladly taught Luxtina and explained to her many things previously unknown to her.

Slowly, the princess was growing into a capable priestess. They continued their journey and helped many who came their way. Luxtina, still suffering from losing her people and family in the Great War, was recovering. As she began to help the sufferers of the War, she found peace, and an unspeakable calmness engulfed her.

From Princess To Priestess — Luxtina’s Metamorphosis

As their journey progressed, Luxtina found her new grown fondness and talent for healing the wounded. Everyone noticed that she was exceptionally good at bandaging, using nothing but poultices, soft and moist material made from flour and bran.

During this time, Luxtina also came up with a story of her lineage. She did not want any unwanted attention and thought it was wise to hide her royal parentage. She told everyone that she was the daughter of an ordinary dealer and kept her real identity a secret until the end of the journey.

Every evening, Mikhail would conduct collective prayers with the other survivors. Initially, Luxtina was not interested in that, and she got bored. But after consecutive sessions, her curiosity increased, and she started to ask questions about the goddess of light and her ways.

Mikhail taught her well about how light and life are what protects them and helps preserve what remains after the War.

The Last City — Blackstone

Luxtina, at last, reached the last city, Blackstone, in the latter half of the year. By this time, more and more people came to know who she truly was. But they sympathized with her and decided not to make things harder for the young girl.

The city became the home to many refugees. Many who had traveled to this part of the world often found their long-lost friends and relatives. Others found means to earn or a purpose to their life. While some took up jobs as guards, others joined professional spheres per their expertise.

However, Luxtina had no connection to anyone, nor did she have any place to move. Mikhail, witnessing this precarious situation, suggested Luxtina move to the temple of the goddess with him. He told her she could engage in the various activities, to which she agreed.

Luxtina Finds Her True Calling

Day in and day out, she helped the temple attendants with daily affairs that revolved around helping the people of Blackstone. She also assisted new groups of refugees in settling down. Her earlier knowledge of medicine, poultices, and bandaging helped her treat their wounds much faster.

However, as she witnessed the misery of the refugees, she painfully realized the destructive nature of the War. The profound effects of the realization made her character more refined.

Her usual obstinate nature was gone and was replaced with guilt for supporting the meaningless War for once. She also became modest and affable, slowly shedding the traces of her life as a princess. Her guilt was overwhelming every time new refugees arrived to the temple. She spent hours praying for those who died and hoping as many survive as possible.

The Final Encounter With Elamalikht

Luxtina’s life went on this way till one evening, the Goddess Elamalikht herself addressed the prayers. The princess was given a direction for her life in Blackstone. Luxtina chose to become a priestess. This opened new ways for her to help those in need. Her healing knowledge came in aid of many who were in dire need of it.

Princess Luxtina finally found the purpose of her life. She realized what true happiness and pleasure were as she brought light to another life.

To this day, the legendary princess stays dedicated to helping and healing all those who need her…

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