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Introducing Mei Li — The Personification of Mayhem

The sky is as blue as cornflowers. The sun shines between the trees, and the shadows lie long and dewy on the grass. While the rest of the world slumbers, Listerians live in harmony and give wings to rarely spoken desires.

Listeria’s world is populated by a large variety of otherworldly beings, ranging from ordinary fairies who show the way when the path becomes lost in the woods to mighty spirits who can decide the fate of the people.

They laugh and make merry, dance their hearts out, and sing soothing tunes. They harness the cacophony of the city’s pulsing life as a kind of melody to snare snatches of happiness.

The days are usually sunny during the summer, with colorful flowers in full bloom greeting passersby.

The fairies resemble a miniature Wonder Woman, but one that dresses appropriately for the season and holds magic in her heart. Listeria’s fairies have a way of peering right into your soul as if it were a book waiting to be read.

Then, in their unique way, they will calm you down with familiar words that have a more considerable effect than any medicine or spell.

Wise and immortal creations — genies whose desires and ideas are incomprehensible to ordinary mortals — coexist with the rest of the world’s occupants.

Many people believed in local genies, bringing presents such as cattle, grain, and even friends.

The genies have a blue, barrel-chested appearance with three fingers, black hair knotted in a ponytail, and a beard with a swirl that flares out at the chin.

The genies possessed various magical talents by nature, but a select few trained to become sorcerers of their element.

The most potent genies have a specific element that they embody. They made strange magic devices and used a variety of specialized spells.

For example, rain and wind genies can provide saving rains when they are concerned about a harvest, and their stone relatives can provide valuable ore to dwarfs-miners in exchange for their prayers and sacrifices.

However, not all genies are so noble and deserving of reverence. One of them has a life that isn’t dissimilar to a typical adventurer, and she has a particularly nasty character. She wrecks devastation and mayhem wherever she goes.

The Genie Who Personified War

Behind the cheerful faces of the inhabitants of Listeria was an unquenchable need for power and control. Individuals with unbridled greed develop viciousness, vanity, and even delusions of grandeur.

A person consumed by greed frequently disregards their actions’ harm to others.

As a result of this, a violent conflict broke out. Furthermore, in Listeria, the advancement of magic and technology was viewed as a means of war and battle.

The cataclysm and the Great War fundamentally altered the lives of all Listeria residents.

A ferocious whirlwind swept through the area, smashing everything in its path. The skies were ruled by the clouds, which had gathered in a silver fade from the darkest grey to the palest white.

Massive and brutal conflicts, an unlimited amount of deaths, and devastating destruction — all of this had a physical manifestation but also caused the worst wound in Listeria’s magic balance.

The world splashed out all sorrows, tears, losses, and setbacks in a material world without sustaining such tension.

Rather than skating over their skin, the residents’ anguish flowed through them. It passed through every cell on its way to the earth.

As a result, the girl — the youngest genie who personifies war — was born. A chain that appeared out of nowhere, carrying worries and calamities, was ejected from each city and attempted to locate the house.

She was followed by battle and destruction for previously unknown reasons wherever she went. Due to her odd look, the blame was placed solely on this young creation, as if she were the witch.

Deprived of her home and cut off from the rest of society, she was doomed to live a life of estrangement and loneliness. As a result, she survived a long time, eating what she could earn, find, and occasionally steal.

Mei Li possessed exceptional athletic abilities; she could easily carry a couple of cows on her hands or move a centenary boulder that blocked a cave entrance.

The Forest Shelter

The harsh world of the First World War compelled the young genie and the similar destitute to adjust to terrible circumstances. As a result, Mei Li formed a gang of various species that society recognizes, ranging from familiar mutants to broken magic robots and simply vagrant animals.

The animals were the kind of bonny brown-hued teddy bears that children’s night and daydreams are made of. Their fur was kitten-soft, and their smile was like an offered cup to contain whatever infantile emotions they had.

Warmth shone in their eyes, and there was always a glint in their loving black. As a result, they were the ideal companions, the perfect hand to hold.

However, the world was unlucky and failed to recognize this warmth, leaving the homeless.

On the other hand, the magic robots looked so lifelike that no one could tell them apart. They moved, talked, and gestured just like the rest of the inhabitants. Even micro-facial expressions could be read by them, causing them to change their discourse accordingly.

The forest was their protecting mother, the promise of sacred sanctuary, a hug of browns, a shelter of extended limbs, all of them reclining beneath foliage hues.

Their forest shelter became the actual house for the creations expelled by the world. Tiny freckles of sunshine lay here and there on the ground, but not very many because the trees were so thick. It was dim and green there, and small birds nearby sang an odd little song over and over again.

These species became Mei Li’s true family, whom she pledged to defend and preserve. However, the genie’s most crucial asset was not spared from congenital torment. Lightning struck, and the Arkh’s forces set fire to the woodland house, killing nearly all her battling brothers and sisters.

Mei Li went into exile again, this time voluntarily, because she couldn’t bear the guilt of not being able to support her family. So she traveled to Blackstone, the city that she had escaped, which had become the home of many war victims.

The genuine war victims — those who lived, not those who died.

This city could become their home, but Mei Li couldn’t forgive herself for the suffering her relatives had undergone due to the damnation.

Grief comes in waves, little one, and at first, they are so powerful that you feel completely overwhelmed. They appear at the most inopportune times, eclipsing a sense of normalcy with those all-too-familiar tears.

The Promise of an Unbreakable Friendship

Mei Li’s flesh was soaked in anguish. Her remorse was always there, inviting her to look back and dwell on the events of the past.

The genie decided to finish everything one night, tired with this agony. It was her suicidal urge, which is cured by love and amplified by indifference.

However, Mei Li heard gunshots from a short distance away. It was as though her regret had manifested itself in her ears as shots. The genie rushed to the venue after deciding that assisting someone fending off robbers would be an excellent way to end her life.

Mei Li approaches the location encircled by a massive bramble wall. She leaps over it with ease, as if she were a wolf entering a sheep’s corral. It turned out that the person she was assisting was Laila, the leader of the mysterious Snake organization in the Shadow.

Laila was a young woman, yet possessing the tenderness of childhood but confidently walking into the shoes of womanhood. Her beauty emanated from within, and it radiated through her eyes.

After conversing with the rescuer, Laila agreed to cure the genie’s soul in exchange for her assistance. And it came to pass.

The Snake in the Shadow’s alchemists and magicians could concoct a treatment for Mei Li. It would be one of the most potent and magical remedies available to help the young genie overcome her difficulties.

In return, Laila made the little genie her servant and constant companion, as well as her best friend. They both valued each other in the tug of war between day-to-day tussles and higher-order catastrophes.

Together, they oversaw justice in Blackstone and genuinely aided all those in need, maintaining order and serenity in the house for all Listeria residents.

They’d figured out how to keep the storms at bay so they could become Blackstone’s unfailing calm. They were far from unconcerned about any storm-tossed mishaps, as they worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and happiness of Blackstone’s residents.

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