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Introducing Soulhunter: The Shadow Of A Mysterious Figure

In the age when wars were waged one after another, thousands of battlefields were left with dead soldiers and fighters falling on the ground alike. While people were running for their lives, there was someone with ulterior motives. Rumors of a mysterious power that could not be seen, let alone beaten, stories and speculations surrounded this figure.

In a land far from Blackstone, there existed a place where battles were continually waged. On the sunniest days, there was nothing but darkness that covered these battlefields. Every day, a mysterious, tall, dark figure wandered among ancient abandoned ruins in the world that was changing for the worst.

Everyone who claimed they knew this being didn’t have a speck of knowledge about his powers or whereabouts. There is a need to find out who this man is, where he comes from, and how much damage he can cause.

The Mystery Man

There was a different air on the streets on sudden days when the sky was painted in the darkest hues for some moments and time slowed down. People couldn’t work peacefully anymore, and their heartbeats could be heard louder than beating drums. Yet, nobody could decode what was so different in the air.

Soldiers prepared and fought day and night on the battlefields, and more lives were lost than saved.

One day when finally, the mystery man dawned upon the commoners, dread was painted all over their faces. Even though the broken mask hid the figure’s face, the figure’s right eye was visible. It was the same as the color of a flowy blue river.

Can you think of someone that reflects the aura of death? This figure carried the aura of the wind. Or death. Treasure hunters nicknamed this being the Soulhunter. It’s because they believed he could exhaust the soul of his victim, and therefore try to bypass long journeys unnoticed.

Rarely ever seen, his impact was felt time and again when bodies mysteriously fell on the ground in the fields of Listeria. Some people claimed he moves smoothly and silently as if eternally searching for the unknown. At the same time, others said that he leaves behind a feeling that grief will be dawned upon anyone who follows him.

Both were true in their sense as the Soulhunter continued to suck the life out of countless mortals.

When the Soulhunter attacked, neither the good nor the evil comprehended the brevity of the attack. As heard from eyewitnesses, the shouts of those unfortunate people don’t cease till the morning. Alas! Their bodies are found exhausted and withered as if grown old by a hundred years all at once.

Encounters with the Soulhunter

The thing that was now dreaded the most in all of Listeria was an encounter with the Soulhunter. Wars were still the same; the only difference was that half the army from both sides and anyone who laid an eye on him was burned down in blue flames. The blue color of the Soulhunter’s eyes.

On an unforgettable day in Listeria, in the barren land of the post-war era, the Soulhunter was first seen in the middle of a long bloody fight. Surprisingly, for a man of his power and charisma, he didn’t attack but was seen wandering around the bodies of the fallen soldiers. A thick layer of anxious air dawned upon all of Listeria.

There was laughter amidst the chaos.

The mighty soldiers were so occupied with the battle that they didn’t notice the unfamiliar figure in that war. There were, however, some rare fighters that did not only notice the Soulhunter but also attacked him. And when they did so, heavens sighed! Unfortunately, all those that tried to attack him immediately fell to the ground and were lit up on a blue flame.

The battlefield has never been the same since then. After the dust settled, the mysterious figure was nowhere to be seen.

Later in the land of Listeria, the Soulhunter was observed in multiple large battles. In the beginning, to the luck of the people and soldiers and fighters, he refrained from showing any aggression.

It was only once on the fortnight of the holy moon, the hero of Dvorf was able to wound the Soulhunter slightly on the attack. It was then that his mask was broken from where the strange, lingering blue haze was brought down.

As fortunate or mighty Dvorfu might have thought he was, the events that followed took place to his mal fortune. He was later found in a world unknown to him, full of sufferings, bitterness, and regrets.

That’s the power Soulhunter possessed, to fill anyone’s life with misery.

Suddenly, Dvorfu found himself in a place where he heard thousands of voices that broke off in his mind. He heard souls of the fallen, souls to drag him away to the world of the dead. Nobody ever thought that he could make it out alive. It was only his strong will and impeccable strength that he was able to recover and escape.

Even though this lasted for a fraction of a second, to Dvorfu, it seemed like an eternity had passed. The management believed that the warrior of Dvorf had gone insane. However, they also agreed to investigate the whereabouts of the mysterious figure that numerous eyewitnesses reported from the battlefield, but they didn’t know what was about to dawn on them.

The Secrets of the Soulhunter’s Mysterious Disappearances

As rumors filled the air, even death by a poisonous thorn was now blamed on the Soulhunter in Listeria. For every single time the Soulhunter appeared, death was written in the destiny of at least one mortal.

Each time the Soulhunter was believed to have disappeared without a trace, more speculations hit the surface. After a long investigation, it became clear that he never disappeared after the fight but used the turmoil and chaos of the battle in his favor.

He used to hide and then disappear only shortly before the end of the war. Smooth as a snake, powerful as the master of all, and quiet and dreadful as the shadow of death itself.

The Reality of the Soulhunter

Pathfinders were dedicated and impassioned to find Soulhunter and break down the mystery behind his presence.

Their findings revealed that this mysterious person prefers to take shelter in the abandoned sheds and huts. He never stays in one place for long. He hunted not just for human souls but also animals. Whenever he left his shelter, doomsday was anticipated. He never came back empty-handed. On most days, he returned with the carcass of a fallen animal and a water wineskin. This made everything clearer, and the Pathfinders claimed that the Soulhunter is a person, a mortal himself. One that has a motive, one who needs food and water to survive.

The curiosity of the Pathfinders shot up after coming to this conclusion. They started their searches with all their might and refused to give up. The idea of encountering the Soulhunter was now too fascinating to them. So, when the mystery man left his shelters, each of those abandoned places was critically examined. Sadly, these searches bought nothing but more questions.

There was nothing to be found in his shelters, just the lingering smell of misery and grief in the air. Long hours of research and sneaking into shelters in the hope of finding a speck of information or proof to reveal the mysterious figure’s secret went in vain. There was no moving towards the truth because the Soulhunter knew how to hide it.

It was once that a group of Pathfinders that went to investigate a shelter never returned. This led to sheer remorse, and it was decided that such an experiment would never be carried out again.

Hence, the Soulhunter managed to escape from every human’s sight but never their mind. He was a winner for himself and the gravedigger for so many others.

What’s left of the Soulhunter

There came the point when the Soulhunter stopped hiding. He came into large cities with a hood and his mask, and there was not one human who could question him or point a finger at him. He spoke to common men and women in huge gatherings, and from what he said, it was clear that he was searching for someone.

Later in the same era, it surfaced that the Soulhunter was looking for Professor Koch, a man that no one had ever heard about. The people around the Soulhunter were more curious than dreaded now. In Listeria, wonders never cease.

The storm around the Soulhunter lasted for about half a year, and during this time, no one could steal his thunder. The year didn’t yield anything for Blackstone as there was overcast and fear in the people’s minds now and then. However, the Pathfnders’ research and set of reports revealed that all this was to come to an end soon.

They say Blackstone is now the place it used to be, but they know it has been changed forever. The Soulhunter, though it didn’t last long, caused irreparable damage to the city.

Even now, some travelers and adventurers try to unveil the secrets of the mysterious figure, but all of them, without exception, never come back. Maybe the Soulhunter is still there after all. Who has the heart the find out anyway? Perhaps there will be someone who will manage to find out his secret, or perhaps the Soulhunter will continue to be a mysterious shadow in the history of Listeria.

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