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Legends of Listeria: clans and lands

Greetings, our dear community members! Today we are going to disclose another important part of activity that can boost your earnings in our upcoming game. They are heavily tightened with tournament and rating systems, and we already spoke on them briefly in our previous article, which was describing the gaming mechanics that are planned, but today we are going to stop more detaily on them. The topic is the mechanic of clans and lands, which is meant to boost social activity within the Legends of Listeria: plus it will give our players the opportunity to earn significantly more. Let us start with clans first.


It was already mentioned in our previous article that in order to establish your own clan or to join any, you will first need a hero that has already reached level 10. After that you will need to spend a certain number of $LIS tokens to create the clan, and that is the moment where you are ready to join the battle with the new allies! But what are you actually competing for? What can you earn while being in the clan? The key option for you this way is to fight in the tournaments, thus boosting your clan ranking (more detailed info on tournaments and ranking system can be found here): you need to know that top-20 clans are receiving additional rewards per season (once in two months) in a share of game revenue and also are eligible in participating in the next level of tournaments, but again, that was described in the article released several days ago. Besides, those clans will be given certain lands, but that is the topic for the next part of our article. Individual performances are also very important — top-10 members of those clans will receive additional $LIS reward, so that is another option of our play-2-earn model. As you can see, the social aspect of Legends of Listeria can really help you to succeed in it in terms of earning profits, and one of the most serious boosts that a clan can earn and use are the lands. Next part of the article is dedicated to them.


As it was said before, the lands are being distributed based on global clan rating: to speak more detaily on that, it includes combined members rank and results of clan ranking tournaments. Top-20 clans, depending on their position in global clan rating, will receive a land each, and the opportunities that owning one opens to you are quite significant. Firstly, after spending some amount of $LIS tokens, a particular clan can build different objectives on the land they own: this will increase $LIS earnings for every member of the clan! We might add that 5% of game revenue is allocated for land staking rewards, and pretty evident that the income depends on your place in rating. Secondly, we have to point out that the passively generating $LIS token rewards are not the only bonus you can have — different in-game supplies, like items for example, will be also generated on the land that clan owns. And last but not the least: clans will be able to influence the on-going DAO votings, thus most active communities will be able to decide on how Legends of Listeria is actually going to be developed! A little note on how it is going to work — voting will be initiated by the Realis team only, and voting can arise topics like allocating extra reward pools to boost the economy, re-shaping the size of tournament rewards etc. Important note is that participation in those DAO votings will give extra rewards to landlords, boosting $LIS income even more!

The final word is that encouraging social activity in the game is an important way for us to increase the time people will actually spend in Listeria: we plan to achieve it by granting a flexible system of bonuses for different types of cooperation between the players. Even the community itself will be able to decide the size of rewards and how the system is going to work: this, in our opinion, will greatly increase the in-game activity. More information on mechanics of Legends of Listeria is about to be released, so stay tuned and subscribe to the social media we have!

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