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Legends of Listeria: Items and Marketplace

Greetings, our dear community members! In the last article we briefly spoke about lootboxes and what you can actually get from them: skins, items and even heroes. We also slightly touched the topic of how you can make some profits out of your gains, and today it is time to disclose the mechanics of our internal marketplace. Today we are going to speak about types of items, in what format they are going to exist and we will also tell you how to use the Realis marketplace to buy and sell them in order to get profits or to spend your fairly earned $LIS! We hope that this article will help you to understand solutions that we offer even better, besides no doubt that this information will be useful for the people, who already plan to spend plenty of time in Legends of Listeria thus earning even more. So let us begin, and we shall start with items since it is a key object that is to be tradable on the marketplace.

What is tradable in Listeria

As you already know from the previous article, there are several types of drop from the lootboxes, but let us remind you a bit. Here is the list of what you can get if you will purchase one, and let’s highlight those which are tradable:

  1. Heroes;

2. Items (armor, weapons, scrolls for refining other types of items);

3. Skins.

All of them will be available for buying and selling on the Realis marketplace. We might point out that all tradable objects will be divided into 5-star rank: ranks from 1 to 4 could be obtained from the lootboxes, and the rank 5 will be available through another special mechanic that we will announce later. Also, it will be useful to know, that all skins that will be available in Legends of Listeria, will be stored in NFT-format and will only change the appearance of you hero, while his characteristics will stay the same, so that is where you will actually need level-ups and items to increase his power. If we go to the heroes, you might also want to know that each hero of yours that reaches level 10, becomes an NFT and can be tradable at Realis Marketplace as well as any item or skin. Thus we come to the more detailed description of items which will be available in our upcoming project. First, we might say that there will be 9 types of equipment for each hero in order to boost his characteristics: head, weapon, armor, amulet, belt, boots and two rings. As heroes and skins, they will be also divided into 5 stages of rarity, and another important note that all of them will be stored in NFT format. Finally come scrolls, which can be used for granting those items different additional bonuses, and all that was said previously about the items, heroes and skins, can be also applied to them (different rarity, ways to obtain one etc). These objects combine all the stuff you can have in-game in NFT format and thus be tradable at Realis Marketplace, so the next part of the article will be dedicated to mechanics of it and how you can actually participate in trading.


Could be interesting for you to know that this feature is one of the reasons why we needed our own blockchain to be developed (later you will understand why). Pretty obvious, that the marketplace will be used by our players to trade the items we spoke about in the previous part, but how is the process going to be organised? First of all, users need to know that the trading itself will be based on an auction principle: meaning if you have an item to sell, you can appoint any price you like, but in order to actually earn something from it, you will need to follow up with the free Realis marketplace tendencies, since in other way nobody will buy what you actually want to sell. Besides, it is going to represent one of the edges of our game economy (and this is where our blockchain comes in) — 4.5% from each transaction will go to the Legends of Listeria treasury in order to be distributed on a play-2-earn basis. This way our own blockchain will reduce the transaction fees for users, providing better user experience and saving the money of Listeria players. Buying and selling items of different rarity will allow us to create market pressure, thus boosting the utility and the price of $LIS token, so our users would be able to benefit even more from our game, and utilizing the unique model of our own marketplace is only the first step on creating large Realis meta-universe in the future! The exact process of exchanging and trading items is to be shown later, when Legends of Listeria will hit their final stage of development.

That is all we wanted to tell you for today, but there are many more that we plan to share this month! Subscribe to our social networks and be the first who will know about unique mechanics and solutions we are to offer for you!

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