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Legends of Listeria: Jacob and Hyo guide

Greetings, our community members! It has been a while since we have added two new heroes to our brand new game — Jacob and Hyo, but what if new players will wonder how to play them most efficiently? Today’s article will continue the series of hero guides, where we tell you about heroes in Listeria and what is the right place on the battlefield for them, so our gamers can achieve spectacular wins and avoid tremendous defeats! So let’s begin.


We have already told you before about the core mechanics each hero has, but for the newcomers — let’s highlight it one more time. Each hero in Listeria has four things he can do in battle — a unique basic attack, a skill, a dash, and an ultimate. What are they for? Let’s remember together!

Basic attack — the simplest element of an attack strategy. It differs from one character to another, so the good idea would be to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each character and decide what his role would be: an attacker, a tank, etc.

Unique skill — the core feature that defines the strategy applicable to each hero. Some of them are dedicated to dealing damage, while others can help your allies or control your enemies. This element also defines the role of your hero, so investigate the skill of your character before picking a role and diving into battle

Dash — the mechanic that allows your character to move on the battlefield. It is rather helpful in both types of situations: whether you are trying to escape from an encounter that is lost or when you are chasing a low-HP enemy. This also can be combined with the skills of your character (as well as with the skills of your allies), so you can try different combos and see what is the most efficient one.

Ultimate — the game-changer, the strongest skill each hero has, that has the longest cooldown and the largest impact. Some of them are natural disasters dealing significant damage, some of them can drag an additional force to the battle, helping you to avoid defeat and rush into a counterattack, achieving the victory. Ultimate used at the right time can sometimes define the outcome of the battle, so, fellow Listerians, you need to master the skill of its usage.

Now let’s discuss those mechanics related to Jacob and Hyo.


First comes a skilled sharpshooter, whiskey-lover, and card player! His long-ranged basic attack with a rifle can be extremely annoying for your enemies if you will be able to find the right hard-to-reach position or a cover, so it is wise not to use him in melee combat but to stay behind more tanky heroes for sure. His unique skill is throwing a playing card that deals almost no damage, but greatly slows down enemies, allowing Jacob’s team to reach them and let no one escape. His ultimate is firing three explosive cartridges which deal a great either to a single target or to a group of enemies, so he can surely be considered as a fine addition to any team. To sum up, we can say that Jacob is very similar to June, but he can offer much more in terms of supporting his team. Slowing down enemies and great damage from his ultimate can be a great way to trick tank heroes and focus on unprotected ones, allowing Jacob’s team to search and destroy the most dangerous and annoying targets, thus his dash will be a great help to seek and take the right position. Surely, he will easily find his place in any team.


Alongside Taiyo, Hyo is one of the mages presented in Listeria, but he is a bit different from the furious fire goddess. His basic attack is not that powerful, even even though it is a poisonous clot, but his other skills are very interesting. The special skill of Hyo drops caustic projectiles on his enemies from above, allowing you to control a certain territory or get rid of enemies hiding behind the covers. The most interesting ability is his ultimate: Hyo summons tenacious roots that immobilize enemies and deal damage in the area. It can be combined with different other heroes: like immobilizing enemies is just what the Taiyo needs to drop the firestorm and surely win the battle! As you can see, Hyo is a powerful image, but he is most useful not in destroying the enemy team on his own but in supporting other heroes like June and Taiyo to do so. He will find himself extremely useful in the hands of a player that knows how the right position is important and ready to play on his team.

That is all we wanted to tell you about the newest heroes in Legends of Listeria! There will be more of them added in the future, so our users will be able to utilize different strategies to achieve spectacular wins and become a hero of Listerian land! Stay tuned, guys, and subscribe to our social networks so as not to miss any important updates!

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