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Metaverse token economy

2.7 billion people play video games, interact directly with the virtual world. This is a whole ecosystem united by one idea, divided into small islands of closed game economies. But what if we try to combine small islands into one big island, combine the economy of different games, link the in-game and real economy of the worlds in one ecosystem?

Gaming with NFTs

This has become possible using blockchain and NFT technologies. NFTs fit perfectly into the economy of the games and combines them with the real world. Players become the full owners of their items and can collect or sell their NFT items obtained in games.

Creating a metaverse has always been the goal, but the possibilities of implementation were limited. Realis creates a platform and its own metaverse by combining the in-game and real economy with the help of the $LIS token.

Metaverse of the $LIS token

The $LIS token is a key element of the Realis.Network economy. The LIS token will serve as fuel for all processes in the economy of the Realis metaverse, it will link and redistribute assets between different parts of the ecosystem for organic interaction.

The Realis native token is an analogue of hard currency in traditional mobile games, which, unlike a closed system, has many use cases. Through the token, we will connect the in-game and on-chain economies and build a flexible system for the redistribution of funds.

Way better than $SOUL

Due to the initial design, the utility of $SOUL has been limited to a short list of functions, such as buying in-game goods or participating in a staking program, which features an inflationary model. As we’re moving forward, we’re expanding the list of functions for the native currency of Merge Cats, Crypto Dragons and Legends of Listeria.

  1. Transaction fees — as we’re migrating from Ethereum, we also need our own fuel to maintain the activity of the network. But you don’t have to worry! The transactions inside our new network will cost thousandths of a cent, so you won’t even notice!
  2. DAO Governance — a strong community is a key to success for the projects. We hope that we can count on your support! $LIS holders will be able to participate in the project’s development via governance voting. Participating in the governance also brings additional $LIS rewards;
  3. Staking — if you’re a long-term $LIS holder, you definitely will be looking for a way to increase your profits. Stake your $LIS and earn up to 50% APY. We’ve prepared a wide variety of different staking programs for you. Staking rewards will be paid out in company tokens, without any additional inflation;
  4. NFT Marketplace — buy or sell your NFTs that you’ve gathered in Legends of Listeria using your $LIS as a payment method!
  5. Game shop — purchase in-game boosts or upgrades using $LIS token;

We understand that each of the points we’ve mentioned above requires a detailed explanation, so we will be pushing out new information in coming weeks.

The Future of Gaming, Blockchain and NFT

The digital world is improving, and technologies are not standing still. We strive to create our own gaming metaverse based on the Realis platform, where each of its participants will be able to use LIS token in all games of our ecosystem.

With blockchain and NFT technology, each player will be able to fully manage and have control over their account: collecting, transferring and selling limited-edition items. Upon registration, each player will receive their own unique wallet. This is part of our open economy, which in the process is transformed into a metaverse connecting all our games and users with each other.

Blockchain and NFT creates a potentially new world of online entertainment, pushing free games without the possibility of earning money into the background.

We are at the very beginning of the road, and a lot of interesting things are waiting for us. We will see you soon in the Realis digital reality.



Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies on Substrate in Polkadot ecosystem.

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Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies for a mass audience