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Realis — introducing the team

Greetings, our dear community members! The current plans of Realis are extremely ambitious. Our team wants to start a revolution in blockchain gaming development, and surely this is not possible without two main things — the support and trust of our community as well as a solid team backing our project to actually fulfill the imposing goals. Today we are going to tell you a bit more about the team that stands behind the project, thus giving you proof that the Realis team is experienced and ready to make all we promised come true. So, let’s begin!

How it all started

Back in 2017 our founder, Sergey Zasorin got his idea of integrating blockchain technology into the gaming apps, which was pretty new and revolutionary back at that stage of blockchain development. But every idea, especially those that are much ahead of their time, not only needs a creator with a bright mind, but also a qualified and experienced team to support it.. For the next four years Sergey was gathering such a team in order to develop the gaming products that contain blockchain economy in them. And so, we began our way to Sergey`s dream, advancing forward step by step. But just like any project, sometimes we had to cope with extremely hard times. The crypto market crisis delivered our project a hard blow, and it was basically under the threat of being closed. At some point we really thought that this idea would die alongside with Realis, but thanks to Sergey, his dedication to what he believed in, and the team in general that was closely-knit, our project managed to survive. We were learning together, getting more and more familiar with the industry we have stepped into, and in 2019 it was finally the time for us to start our first venture — the game that had blockchain economy inside it, the Merge Cats.

Sergey Founder of Realis and Vlad JS Server developer

Launching the first cases

You might be interested to learn that our first idea for a blockchain-based game was not actually Merge Cats.. We were aiming high, and it all started with the idea of releasing our MOBA game — Legends of Listeria. It was planned and discussed for all four years the Realis team worked together, but such a huge project was extremely difficult to realise due to several reasons. The first reason is that in the past, we simply did not possess the expertise needed to accomplish our ambitious goals. Secondly, the technical solutions we planned to use were extremely complicated. The third reason was the realization that such a huge game would take a great deal of time to properly develop. So while we did not abandon the idea totally, we have decided to focus on more casual products in order to build the necessary experience. That is how Merge Cats began, back at the beginning of 2019. For two years we have been passionately developing on a constant basis and are happy to tell you that Merge Cats currently has more than 500.000 users, which is quite a number. In autumn of 2020 we launched Crypto Dragons, where we were developing the ideas behind Merge Cats and giving our community an alternative game to play. And it actually paid off — in one year we have an astonishing number of almost 300.000 users playing Crypto Dragons. And by the year of 2021 we are excited to tell you that the original idea of Legend of Listeria game is almost ready for beta release: both Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons were of great assistance in terms of providing experience in blockchain gaming development and extending our vision on the industry.

The guys behind Realis

As it was said before, one of the main parts of our project is the team, and the most important part of the team itself are the experienced developers.Our leading game developers are Max Shvachko and Vitalii Novak — they are responsible for the core architecture of the Realis games and are still responsible for the support of Merge Cats, as well as the structures they lead (which include client and server developers). During their time at Realis, Maksim and Vitalii showed that they are real professionals in terms of building up the working process for achieving our ambitious goals and they are always extremely motivated to reach the best result possible.

For all the years that Realis has existed, it has been extending not only in terms of goals and tasks, but also in terms of the team. At the beginning of 2021 when new challenges appeared and we finally saw opportunities to complete the Legends of Listeria project, Valentin Lyaskovskiy joined the team. He is highly experienced in working in the crypto-sphere, especially in blockchain economies and new trendy NFT technologies, so he quickly became a great and useful addition to our team. At this point we actually stepped away from our old name SOUL, and finally became Realis.

What unites people that are so different in their expertise and spheres of knowledge? A global revolutionary goal that lies, in a simple words, in uniting blockchain and mobile games. Furthemore, all team members are excited with the idea of creating infrastructure with extremely low entry threshold, achieving this by uniting in-game and on-chain economy thus creating an ecosystem that causes no additional difficulties concerning our players.

More members of our team

For creating such complicated infrastructure we required assistance from experienced blockchain developers. Our technical “Architect” (we won’t reveal his name, since he prefers to stay anonymous) helped us to plan a global technical roadmap considering the development of modular technical architecture which will connect every part of our project in one united ecosystem. Of course, this would not be possible without 3 server mini-teams that are being controlled by two experienced team members, and their well-knit team work that helps us to outspace our own roadmap.

The other important part of Realis`s team structure are the guys who are responsible for blockchain (by the way, they have already finished their technical roadmap). Nikita and Daniil have already realised the key functions of the Substrate Realis Blockchain, and thanks to their dedication and hard work, we have already planned its launch for Q3 of 2021. We also can`t forget our design team, which helps us look stylish and new. We have artists, 3D-designers, UI/UX development specialists and so on, that help us with the development from day to day. Indeed, the main power of Realis are people — who support the project and who are actually responsible for creating it.

Final word

At this point, here at Realis we have around 35 professionals, who are working daily on every product we have: Merge Cats, Crypto Dragon and the upcoming Legends of Listeria. The global goal of each team member is to revolutionize the sphere, creating the meta gaming universe of the Realis Network. We strongly believe that top technical solutions in the blockchain sphere and NFT will help us to achieve these highly ambitious results. We are happy to work together on overcoming technical difficulties we meet in this difficult path and are eager to see the next stages of Realis development. Our common audience of more than 680.000, Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons having more than 60.000 active users daily, and the upcoming Legends of Listeria that we have dreamt about for so long, gives us confidence that we are moving in the right direction. Big thanks to every community member for their support, we are grateful that you went with us through hard times and are still staying with us on this amusing journey!

Soon there will be more news and announcements, so subscribe to our social networks not to miss anything!

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Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies on Substrate in Polkadot ecosystem.

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Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies for a mass audience

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