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Realis: results of the month

Greetings, our dear community members! For the last month the Realis team has been actively working on our technical side, implementing the solutions we were telling you about before and improving our already existing products. Transparency is a key feature when it comes to building trust and increasing the number of our supporters, so today’s article will act like some sort of changelog, showing you the development tasks we are actually working on right now. We are proud to present you with our monthly summary, and after reading the article please feel free to share your opinion in our official social networks!

Swapping $SOUL for $LIS

First, we would like to focus on areas where we experienced some minor technical difficulties. One of our top priorities in terms of development for the last month was working on our token swap from $SOUL to $LIS, and it did not go quite as we expected. A lot of our users faced different kinds of problems while trying to perform the swap, thus helping us to collect a detailed bug report on that process. As for now, our team can confidently state that most problems with the swap are now eliminated, and if you are still facing difficulties — please, address this issue in our official Telegram chat to receive additional help so we can fully rectify the situation. On behalf of Realis, we would like to say that we will do (and are already doing) our best to prevent our users from having those kinds of issues in the future.

General technical side of Realis

We’d like to to take some time to further highlight one of our most ambitious tasks, launching our own blockchain. ​​Our development team was working really hard to work towards this goal, so here is what we have already accomplished.

1. Our Reals-bridge pallet has been finished;

2. The logic of our pallet-nft and realis-game-api has been simplified;

3. We have set down all the basic values;

4. We have tested all benchmarks for our blockchain;

5. Eth and Realis wallets were moved to new architecture;

6. We have started to write the core of new architecture, and most of the microservices are already finished.

As you can see, our tech team has completed some pretty serious tasks. Meanwhile, our server team was doing their part in improving the work of the already existing Realis project. Here is what they have managed to accomplish:

1. They have realised the postponed registration (you can not open loot boxes, make purchases through money and $LIS tokens, take daily tasks and achievements);

2. Fixed the database, since many requests were being processed for too long. That is why many users could not enter the game or use functions that are connected with the database;

3. Server realisation was re-written to Spring WebFlux;

4. Spring server was moved to Tomcat realisation;

5. Merge Cats were also moved to Spring.

Those are the main changes that were conducted from the technical side of Realis. Even though during that month pretty serious work had been accomplished, we will continue to explore the solutions that we can use for improving the core architecture, our own blockchain and the server part. But it is not the only change that we have made, so let us leave the technical side behind and jump straight to in-game changes that we have done with our existing projects — Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons.

Gameplay and graphic changes

So, what are we actually preparing for you right now? The main news is that we plan to launch a new playing mode “Bingo”, and we plan to launch this new game mode in both Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons. Right now we are working on balancing it and making it as enjoyable as possible. So, what have we done considering this new change?

1. New configs for Bingo have been added;

2. We have begun to implement this gaming mode. Work on updater of Bingo Seasons and Bingo service is already on-going.

3. Balancing this mode is almost accomplished.

4. Graphics for this mode are already finished.

Sounds like you will have even more opportunities for you to earn $LIS tokens, right? And a cherry on top: right now we are also working on a new design for Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons to make it even more intuitive and easy to understand for our users!

These are not the only changes that we have planned for those two projects. But for now, these are the most notable updates, and will be launched very soon.

What else does Realis have for you?

Continuing the topic of the previous article, we want to give you another important update. Right now we also actively work on Legends of Listeria, so we can catch up with our roadmap and present you with this game in Q2 2022 as planned! A small part of what are we developing right now:

1. We are undertaking detailed planning of game mechanics and features;

2. Development roadmaps are also being planned;

3. Briefings with a new part of the Realis team, that will work on the server part for Legends of Listeria.

We would like to thank all our supporters for being such an important part of Realis. Your trust and interest for our projects give us strength to continue doing what we are doing, and we are trying to be as transparent with our community as we possibly can. Soon there will be new updates released with a great deal of new and interesting information, so please subscribe to our social media not to miss any news!

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Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies on Substrate in Polkadot ecosystem.

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Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies for a mass audience

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