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The Last War of Listeria — History of Listerian Lore

Listeria is home to all races and is situated at the heart of the world. It is truly an amalgamation of contrasts as technology and magic become intertwined. Moreover, being the home for all races, the nation ties fates of everyone together.

It is truly a haven for everyone!

Yet concealed behind the happy souls was the undying lust for power and control. Due to this, there was the advent of a bloody war. Furthermore, the progress of magic and technology in Listeria was seen as a medium of war and conflict.

The very reason that made Listeria the social hub of cultural and technological advancements was now the source of envy and despair.

The Last War was fought between the inhabitants of Listeria — Mankind, Elves, and Gnomes!

Alliances were forged, trust was broken, and lives were lost. All of these are because of greed and animality over a mere land.

Now, the war has been over for 20 years! But the sorrow and grievances remain alive and fresh in the heart of all Listerians. Even if the war was fought between three races, humankind still prevailed and redefined the modern era of Listeria.

How it all started?

The residents of Listeria can relate to Hyo as War caught them off-guard as well. Like him, everyone asked themselves, “What is the reason behind this bloody massacre?”

Nobody knows why and when the conflict started. But the starting point is said to be between Humans and Elves. Ideally, the disagreements between the Kingdom of Arch and Ardna was an everlasting conflict that was nothing but a small regional war.

Humans and Elves are different — one uses magic, and the other harnesses technology.

Humanity is still the majority population in the continent of Listeria. Yes, they thirsted for power, but it was innocent and did not seem to be threatening. At the same time, the Elven population of Listeria were the strongest creatures and did not find the need to compromise in front of mere Humans.

And, that is where the contradictions multiplied.

One race was too egotistical to let go, and the other wanted to protect themselves from threats. Moreover, an Elf is proud and finds themselves to be extremely important — better than others. Due to this clash of interests, the looming doom surrounded both races.

Elves were ignorant and sometimes narrow-minded. They failed to cooperate and compromise. Instead, instigating a decade-long cold war.

Indeed, both races were intelligent enough not to indulge in a huge war that could only lead to casualties from both sides. However, the Gnomes had other plans.

This hostile yet peaceful conflict was interrupted by Konung Miregard. Humans gained themselves an alliance from the greatest forces in the history of Listeria. Furthermore, such creatures have a natural charisma and knowledge that can subjugate any human or otherwise.

Due to this alliance, the Elven kingdom of Ardna wanted an alliance of their own. Hence, the cold war that seemed to be small and regional was now a full-fledged battle.

This initiative by the Elves dragged in all the innocent creatures living in Listeria and looking for peace.

These creatures represented a small percentage of the population. Therefore, they had no choice but to choose their alliance. Most of them were driven by belief, and others made deals based on conscience.

Therefore, all the previous scientific achievements and powerful magic got demonstrated during this inevitable war.

The Heroes of Listeria

The residents of this beautiful continent forgot the reason behind this conflict. It was due to the unadulterated destruction that wiped out all three kingdoms in the initial stages. Therefore, the fires of war were too much even for the most powerful forces of Listeria.

The financial and economic stature of Listeria was minimized, and the struggle for growth began. Moreover, the presence of betrayals and scams became a highlight.

Yet, some heroes emerged during the war.


The Elven mage Manbruc was one of the most prominent ones in history. Manbruc created an Alchadim machine that destroyed the magical powers of Elven enemies.

Due to this betrayal, Ardna fell as the kingdom relied on magic crystals to function.

Everyone wanted to get their hands on this machine to prevent the powerful Elves from using this technology. Furthermore, the moment Ardna fell, Manbruc initiated a self-destructive mechanism.

Due to this, Ardna’s capital became a burnt-out wasteland with a broken magic device.

It was a sad day for Elven survivors, but scavengers found it to be their holy grail. The pieces from the magic crystal broke. Now, each of these pieces has Elven magic, making up for great loot.


June was a little girl living in a human village when the war broke out. Her father used to help out by treating wounded soldiers and sheltering them. However, the enemies found this to be an act of betrayal and stormed her village and murdered everyone.

Since then, her main objective has been to join the army to exact revenge!

She was fearless and trained herself extensively to become the best ranger. Due to her perseverance, June became one of the best warriors in the army, and she finally had her revenge by killing the people who murdered her home.


Hyo being a mage, found war to be unnecessary. He even refused to leave his library! He tried to find the answer in books and instead stumbled upon something far greater.

Then, he stumbled upon an ancient manuscript that talked about an ancient Arcane power. Moreover, if he knew this power, he would become the strongest mage of his time. Hence, he started his quest during the war.

During the Last War, mages got tracked if they used magic to fly or teleport. Therefore, Hyo walked with determination to change the world.

He saw convoys of doom that housed refugees. He also came across burnt corpses of children and women. Indeed, it was a horrific sight for someone so peaceful.

He advanced into the Twilight Forest, and upon further inspection, he came across a temple and found an old ball of power. The moment Hyo touched this, he lost his human face, and the ancient curse took over!

He did not help much in the war but took the burden of that curse by sacrificing his humanity.


She is the embodiment of divinity and loves helping all the inhabitants of Listeria, irrespective of their race. However, the Last War made her angry at the ungrateful people she helped.

It was an era of selfishness that did not have any place for ancient spirits like her. Due to this, the sanctuaries were abandoned, and the temples were destroyed. Consequently, all hope and positivity left Listeria for good.

Taiyo wanted to teach them a lesson and brought in droughts and failed harvests. She thought the war would be over if Listeria became barren and unholy.

But to her dismay, the war did not stop, and she had to go to extreme lengths.

Being irritated by the conflicts, she disguised herself as a human who defended nature. She protected everything from the destruction but at a cost.

Like Hyo, Taiyo too lost her soul and love for Listerians. Instead, she is now full of hatred from the betrayals and mistakes people made.

Apart from them, Listeria had many heroes who had lost their lives trying to fight a war with no clear victor. However, history has forgotten the sacrifice and name.

It was a sad and turbulent time for the people of Listeria, but there was a silver lining waiting at the end!

The Last War — Who Did it Benefit?

War cannot benefit anyone, especially the families that lost loved ones during the process. Years before the war, there were rumors and hints of an impending doom between the races. However, no one in Listeria took heed to it or gave it much importance.

So, when the war broke out, the humans were unprepared.

Even then, they were the ones who benefited from it the most. The best thing that came out of this prolonged bloodbath was the innovative technological advancements in science and magic.

Indeed, the Last War made it possible for human science to take that leap of faith. It was only because of this that the armored combat machines were created. Moreover, the Technomancers who created such machines gained more knowledge about magic.

The combat machines of today have a mix of technology and magic in them. Because of this, the humans had equipment that could help them win the war.

Battle engineers in the ranks of humanity’s army became insanely powerful and could single-handedly defeat any Gnome or Elf. Therefore, many such weapon-wielding humans wanted to help with the war with their skills in combat and armors.

Due to the War, humans gained complicated machines and powerful equipment!

And when Manbruc created his machine, the war was expected to be over. However, the incident made the war grow its vigor. Each side started to blame each other for what had happened to them.

There was no sign of the former fragile peace. Listerians thought that the very essence of free will and happiness had been lost from this land.

Something as innocent as a magic crystal used to generate electricity became a powerful source of destruction. Furthermore, such crystals were used to help ordinary Listerians with their daily tasks.

It was now the most important resource for warfare!

Along with magical machines, the neighboring countries also took an opportunity. The hostile situation inside Listeria hindered its ability to protect the people from outside threats. Therefore, other countries moved in with their troops to loot whatever was left from the battles.

They came in with a ruthless spirit and seized the states that had lost their armies.

The thirst for power and the need for ruling spread throughout the continent. Moreover, the negative energy was passed on to other greedy countries surrounding Listeria. Due to this, the judgments were clouded, which destroyed cities and people.

Other countries made their way into the continent of Listeria with their tools and massacred the existing population.

All in the name of power, lust, hunger and animality! They looted magic, lives and even deadly weapons made by the humans.

The Last War of Listeria did not have a black and white effect on everyone equally. Some lost their lives, while others benefited from it. Either way, the war created some brutal personalities who reigned havoc in Listeria.

The Most Hostile Part of the War

The Last War started as an innocent clash between two different races. However, it evolved into a battle that still has an impact on Listerians after 20 years!

Due to the War, numerous valuable resources got unraveled. The secrets of Listeria were in full view of the enemies. Moreover, the magic that once brought peace into the continent was now the root of all the problems.

Hatred grew and curated some cruel personalities who only wanted to take advantage of valuable resources.

The palace kingdom of Grimcraik had a ruthless captain of the guard named Nargenrak. He became famous because of his unbridled fury. Moreover, he showed hatred and rage towards his enemies and civilians alike.

Due to this negative energy, the essence of Listeria was lost.

Nargenrak came to the next village and disrupted the peace by forcing the inhabitants to do whatever he wanted. Due to his lack of mercy, the village lost everything to this tyrant, especially happiness.

He arranged cruel demonstrations of executions and tortures that freaked the villagers and made them comply.

The Last War taught history about the darkest desires Listerians can harbor.

A knight from the Golden Wing wanted to put an end to the atrocities of Nargenrak. He wanted to kill him and stop the bloody torture and tyranny he invoked on the people. However, history has since forgotten this brave knight’s name as he and his kingdom shortly disappeared during battle.

With that, Listeria was lost in the shackles of torture and bullying!

Life was incredibly tough for the normal inhabitants of Listeria. Once before the war, the continent was full of magical creatures that brought peace into the land. But after the war, history only remembers the wrath and mightiness of the northern dragon.

Even then, one city, the largest city-state in the region, decided not to participate in the war. After the Manbruc’s mechanism explosion, the authorities decided to build the strongest magic barrier around the city, protecting it from invasions and destruction.

The Most Important Battle of Listeria

Perhaps the most important battle of this war took place in the fifteenth year of hostilities. Many kingdoms had already fallen by that time. Only the strongest or the trickiest remained.

The armies of the ten strongest countries converged in battle on the “Field of Star Dew,” where, according to legend, the goddess Taiyo first came into contact with people and taught them magic, now this place is known as the “Canyon of Sorrow.”

One good thing came out of this incident, though — it marked the end of the war!

However, peace did not come immediately after this. For several more years, there were small skirmishes. Sadly, the reason behind these disruptions is that people forgot what peace looked like.

The people of Listeria forgot what it was like before the war! These were no longer wars of armies, and they were disparate groups of those who lost all will and were looking for their end.

The Implications of the Last War and Life After it

During the war, about 80% of the Listerian population died. Indeed, there were no winners or losers in the end. However, each of the three races lost something valuable.

After the war, the barrier around the city-state was removed. The news of the last surviving settlement was spread around the world. Survivors and refugees went to the city, which gave them hope for a new life.

It was from the moment the city was opened that the war was considered officially completed.

With this, Listeria was finally awakened from the inevitable war. It was terrifying and long, which alluded to the loss of peace. Moreover, people found it hard to return to normal as the war seemed to be their fate all along.

The refugees had to live together and cooperate between races and political beliefs. Due to this, a sense of harmony was quickly invoked.

It took people years to find the lost positive energy, and with that search, 20 years already had passed. Furthermore, some still believe that this peace is nothing but temporary as the war is not over. Due to this belief and assumption, many residents live in fear and hopelessness in Listeria.

The refugees refer to their haven as “house,” but they barely trust each other. Hence, conspiracies and fragile alliances were built.

The Last War has left Listeria a broken empire with legendary ancient weapons, unparalleled knowledge and the hunger for power. If this knowledge and magic fall under the wrong hands seeking power, another war is yet to be discovered.

The Way Forward

The history of Listeria will not define the need for peace and prosperity. However, fate lies in the hands of heroes with a heart of gold.

Listeria has lost most of its population to a war that had no outcome. Moreover, people still ask what the end goal was as they have already forgotten the reason behind the Last War.

The only thing that remains is the courageous human warriors who can fight the Gnomes and Elves. Furthermore, the mighty wizards who learned magic from the war can now investigate old runes and learn what happened.

Lives were lost, and so was hope. But over the years, the people of Listeria are working together to gain back the positive energy it once harbored.

The Last War of Listeria is a part of history that can never be forgotten!

What are the mysteries of Listeria that rose from the ashes of the battle? Listeria is a chest full of gold, yet to be discovered! It has the potential to be the most powerful continent the world has ever seen, only if the Gnomes, Elves and Humans start working together… But can they actually do this? Only time will tell…

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