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Greetings, our dear community members! In our previous article we told you more of a personal story, of how our project has developed and how our team moved all together to present you with top tech and fun to play blockchain games. Today, we’d like to talk about numbers that we have reached during the years that we have been working in the industry. Essentially, we’d like to share with you detailed stats on active Realis users: this will include player stats for both Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons, the description of the growth tendency for both of the projects and finally some social stats plus our upcoming team plan on increasing ​​these numbers. But before we start, we would like to state that even before telling you the exact numbers, there are plenty of people supporting us and playing our games every day. We are really happy to see such a big and constantly growing international community, and you are the one of the main reasons we continue to walk this complicated path. Stay with us and you can be one hundred percent sure that this journey you will remember for a lifetime!

Merge Cats numbers

As you remember from the previous article, we started Merge Cats as our first project in the industry. For us it was like an exam, and it was mainly for us to gather extra expertise and understanding of how this industry actually works. Imagine how surprised we were when we discovered that people were becoming more and more interested in our very first project, and this of course is reflected in the our numbers. When we started this game two years ago, it was impossible for us to think of the numbers we have right now, but still, after that time, in 2021 we are ready to share some numbers with you. Starting from March, the daily players of Merge Cats totaled 6.000 players, which for us back then was a decent number. However, the tendency to grow has appeared, and by April we already had 6.500 active users a day. The breakout happened later in May, when we reached the number of 8.300 users, continuing into the summer: June — 11.500 players, average number in July — 19.500, and by the end of the month we saw an astonishing 30.000 unique daily players. If we take some general stats, during the last month, around 105.000 unique users played Merge Cats, which is not only good for the project, which basically was a first try for us in the industry, but can really compete with some famous blockchain games. And, of course, the credo of Realis is to never stop, so when we discovered that gamers were starting to fall in love with Merge Cats, we decided to launch our second project — Crypto Dragons.

Crypto Dragons numbers

At some point it was pretty evident for us that the Realis team has taken its place in the blockchain gaming industry. So the decision was simple — we needed to launch the second project, which would be appreciated by our community even more than Merge Cats. That is how Crypto Dragons actually came to be: the main idea behind it was to renew the visual part for our audience, update some mechanics and technical solutions we used before. Basically, during this time we were still mastering our skills. But let us get back to the stats: so as for the growth tendency, it was even more spectacular than in Merge Cats. From March, when we had around 3.800 active users to July we added 20.000 to it (that counts as 23.800), and we made significant progress in terms of acknowledgement of the project. By the end of July we showed more than 31.000 daily active players in only Crypto Dragons, and for the last month 137.000 unique users have played our second project. So, as you see, for both of our projects the numbers are showing that the project moves in the right direction. And the next part of the article will serve to better prove our words.

General stats

Now let’s look at some combined statistics. If we take both projects combined, the general number of registered players is already close to 700.000, and we surely could not imagine that when we have started Realis. If we take some ecosystem stats, we have more than 500.000 unique wallets with $LIS balances: they will be created for each user in Q3 2021 on the Realis blockchain. So, what other numbers do we have by the end of July 2021?

1. 250,000 monthly active players;

2. Over 60,000 daily active users;

3. Over 10,000 beta tester in our third game (Legends of Listeria);

4. Around 500,000 game-currency holders.

The growth tendency shows us that the interest in Realis is rising with each month. The number of active players in our two first projects is growing, and the 10.000 beta testers in Legends of Listeria shows that our next project is also capable of attracting some new users to our project. And the next part of the article will tell you more about the social part of Realis.

Social stats and future plans

We are hosting an extremely big international community from different regions of the world, and we get around 1000 unique invites to our social networks and are extremely proud of it. Here are some numbers that we have reached by the end of July.

65.000 for our English speaking chat;
4.500 for our Russian chat;
2.250 for our Philippines chat;
1.200 for our Spanish chat;
842 for our Indonesian chat;
822 for our Iranian chat;
315 for our Portuguese chat;
230 for our Vietnamese chat.

We’d like to once again thank everyone for being with us! The Realis team is planning to expand our community in all possible directions, including both gamers and those who just follow our updates. Contests and different promo-events are also upcoming, as well as the further improvement of Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons, since it is a really important task. And do not forget the upcoming Legends of Listeria game, you can expect some news and updates about it really soon!

We are proud and happy that so many people are following Realis and really do care about the future of our project. Stay with us on all possible social networks not to miss our hot updates, soon there will be more!

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Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies on Substrate in Polkadot ecosystem.

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Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies for a mass audience