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Twitter contest results

Greetings, our community members! In this medium post, we will share the winners, who were selected randomly and will get their 777.7 $LIS prize! If you will find yourself in the winners (we will post a screenshot and a Twitter account), please, contact our official Twitter account to collect your prize and provide your Merge Cats/Crypto Dragons ID. So let’s finally find out, who was lucky this time!

10. @Josephalemc

9. @ChiefDiesel65

8. @fuckyoupatrie

7. @MelnikEvgenyi

6. @CGurskyi


4. @Catrionna291218

3. @KateVeselovska

2. @roshremigioac

  1. @jairoubeda3

The numbers do not represent your place — each of you, lucky Listerians, will get 777.7 $LIS from Realis to help you achieve many other spectacular victories! And for those, who were not lucky this time — there will be many contests and promos as Legends of Listeria walks its way to release, so subscribe to our social media and stay tuned for announcements not to miss any amazing opportunities!

Official website:





Merge Cats:

Crypto Dragons:

Legends of Listeria:



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