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Announcing $60k Code 423n4 bug bounty program

We’ve got some great news for bug finders and curious minds alike! After many long months, we have finally put the finishing touches to our smart contracts. As of today our smart contracts are fully open source and can be found here. Please check it out!

In addition, we’re happy to announce a $60k bug bounty competition in collaboration with Code 423n4! The bug bounty competition will open on June 10th, 2021 00:00 UTC and last for exactly one week.

Bug Bounty Competition:

Code 423n4 (C4) is a community-driven approach to competitive smart contract audits which allows anybody to participate in finding bugs and and capture a share of the prize pool. With C4, sponsors such as Reality Cards can allocate funds for a contest’s prize pool which then allows anyone to come and submit their findings/bugs into the contest. With their submissions, judges separate from the Reality Cards team determine the allocation the specific bug finder should receive based on the severity of the bug.

This is a unique and fun way to incentivize the eyes and minds of several programmers and security experts to overlook our contracts for any flaws, which is always a good addition to traditional contract audits. To learn more about how C4 works, please check out this blog post.

If you want to jump straight in and start bug hunting, all you need to do is join the C4 Discord and let them know you want to be a warden.

Prize Pool:

  • $45,000 USDC
  • $15,000 RC Governance Tokens (when launched, date unknown)
  • Exclusive POAP (NFT) to all bug finders, designed by unvetica.eth:



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