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Reality Cards — How To Use Polygon

Unlike our previous xDai release where DAI (xDAI) is the native currency and the gas token itself, Polygon uses it’s own token for gas on top of the DAI we use on our platform for Reality Cards.

In this short blog post we’ll get you connected to Polygon as well as get the assets you want to bridge over to Polygon moved.

Moving Funds From Ethereum to Polygon

Step 1 — Visit and connect your wallet of choice.

Step 2 — Using the wallet you just connected, you’ll be requested to sign a message (Signature Request) that proves you are the owner of the wallet. This step will not cost you any gas.

Step 3 — Now that you’re connected you’ll be faced with a blue dashboard listing your available assets. Here you’ll want to click “Move funds from Ethereum to Polygon”.

Step 4 — After clicking to move funds, you’ll be presented with a page that looks similar to a Uniswap trade or another simple swapping website. Under the “from” field you’ll see Ether pre-selected. If you would like to move MATIC or USDC, you’ll want to choose that from the drop down.

Step 5 — Now just enter how much you want to migrate, choose “Transfer” and follow along in your wallet to finalize the process!

Moving Funds From xDai to Polygon

If you are moving your funds directly from xDai to Polygon, the process is slightly different.

Step 1 — Visit the xPollinate bridge and connect your wallet.

Step 2 — Enter how much xDai you want to convert to DAI on Polygon.

Step 3 — Click “Swap” and follow along in your wallet. Voilà! You now have DAI on Polygon.

Step 4 — Reality Cards uses USDC token on the Polygon chain. So you will need to swap your DAI to USDC. There are various AMMs on the Polygon chain, a popular choice is Paraswap.

Note that using xPollinate bridge will not supply you with the native gas token MATIC needed to operate on Polygon. If you need MATIC tokens, please do a shout out in the #help section of our Discord and we will give you a small balance, sufficient to make a few rentals.

Connecting To Polygon

Step 1a — If you are using MetaMask, you can add Polygon’s network directly into your wallet by clicking the “add to MetaMask” button towards the top of the Reality Cards website.

Step 1b — If you are unable to directly add Polygon to MetaMask through the above method, you’ll have to manually add the RPC by following the below process:

Step 2 — Enter the following details in the input prompts:

That’s it! Your MetaMask now has Polygon network fully configured and you can switch to it anytime under the network dropdown menu.

Stay Connected

If you are having trouble switching networks, or are unsure on how to swap tokens on Polygon, or any other questions/concerns about using the Polygon network with Reality Cards, please get in touch with our community and we’ll be happy to help.







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