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Reality Cards is live on xDai!

Reality Cards meets xDai

Update: Due to the overwhelming amount of responses, we have imposed stricter requirements for getting into the private beta. You can read more about this here.

Greetings reader! While we’ve been heads-down building in preparation for the anticipated V1 release, we’ve been no stranger to the outrageous and increasing gas costs on Ethereum and decided we should see what we can do about it.

After some thought, we’ve decided to test out our very first market utilizing a layer-2 scaling solution: xDai.

What is Reality Cards?

Reality Cards is the world’s first NFT-based prediction market. What makes it unique is that outcomes are not “bet” on, instead they are owned.

With Reality Cards, the typical shares, limits, bids, and asks do not exist — even “odds” are abstracted away and replaced by a “daily rental price”. This is only one of its unique features. What Reality Cards is building has yet to be seen with any other available prediction market, and the fun is just beginning!

What is xDai?

xDai is both the name of the stablechain and the stablecoin that lives on the chain. xDai is an Ethereum-based stable sidechain that has implemented a dPOS consensus called POSDAO. The xDai stablecoin is used for regular transactions on the network in the same way Dai is used on Ethereum.

The benefit of using the xDai network is that because it uses a dPOS consensus, the transactions are fast, very inexpensive, and only require a single token for fees: xDai.

Introducing our first xDai market!

As of today, users can now participate in our very first xDai market. Because we chose xDai to use for the layer-2, we thought it was fitting to create a market using xDai as the subject.

In this new market, users have until September 20th to place their bet on what they think the price of STAKE (xDai’s staking token) will be by the time the market comes to an end.

How to use xDai

  1. Transfer any DAI you want to use into xDAI by connecting MetaMask and using this DAI bridge.
Transfer DAI to xDAI after connecting MetaMask

2. You’ve got xDAI! Now in your MetaMask extension, you’ll have to switch over to xDai’s “Custom RPC” endpoint.

3. Enter the following details in the input prompts:

4. That’s it! Your MetaMask now has xDai’s network configured and you can switch to it anytime under the network dropdown menu.

You can now try the new market at!

(Note: Reality Cards is still in private beta. To try it out, please reach out to one of us on our Discord server and we’ll set you up with a beta key!)

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