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Reality Cards: Real Money Beta Live!

We’re happy to share the next milestone in the Reality Cards journey with you all today, which is the launch of our real money beta! If you’ve stuck around since the beginning, you might remember we had a very early private MVP, then our open testnet version with fun money (and tons of updates), and now we’re on to the next stage with real money — hooray!

Whether you were on our earliest version or the most recent Sokol testnet version, we’ve still got plenty of new changes we think you’ll enjoy and even some fun incentivizations for beta participation. This latest version isn’t fully open, but we’ll dive into how you can gain access towards the end of this post.

What is Reality Cards?

Reality Cards, as the world’s first ‘outcome ownership’ market, is a unique hybrid of NFTs and prediction markets.

Each outcome is an NFT (or ‘Card’) and they are not just bet on, they are owned, by whoever is willing to pay the highest rental price. At the end of the event, all rental payments are shared by all owners of the winning outcome in proportion to ownership time.

The outcome NFT itself is collected by whoever owns each outcome the longest, whether or not it was a winning outcome.

Thus, Reality Cards transforms real-world events into beautiful and unique NFTs.

Extra Incentivization

Much wow, so incentivized!

Without our users, we would be nothing — and those who have been testing and playing around with Reality Cards since the beginning have been a huge contribution to our growth and development. Therefore, we have some fun ways for our early testers to benefit!

  • $1,000 top-off — For every event during the real money beta, we will be adding an extra 1,000 xDai ($1,000) to the pot, meaning any winnings will be amplified!
  • Exclusive POAP Badge — Each beta user will receive their own unique POAP NFT badge for being accepted into the beta.
  • Event Creator Bonus — If you’re a whiz at staying up to date on events in real time, for the duration of our beta, any event idea you submit that gets used will earn you 50 xDai ($50)!
  • Artist Creator Bonus — Artists are a huge part of our platform, and for our beta any artist that submits art which gets used for an event will get 500 xDai ($500) or they’ll earn 2% of the total pot amount — whichever is greater!

To submit an idea or art for a specific event, we’re asking that users use the #art and #event-ideas channel in the “Submit” category on our Discord.

Note: you do not need a matching event idea if you submit art and vice versa if you submit an idea!

Exclusive POAP for all beta participants

Recent Changes

In addition to the endless changes and updates we’ve been pushing out for quite some time, we do have some notable changes/features live on the real money version:

  • Full Resolution NFT Viewing— Because why wouldn’t you want to view your beautiful NFT in full size?
  • Pending Resolution Table — After a market ends, instead of the cards/winnings vanishing into the abyss (pending resolution before distribution), you’ll be able to easily see various stats and info on the pending resolution.
  • Leaderboard Ownership Times — Now you can see who you’re competing with for specific events and how long each user has held the Card.
  • Improved Market Filters — Don’t want to search through a sea of open events to find the one you’re looking for? The filters for markets have been improved for easy navigation!
  • Claim Function Improved — Previously, even if you didn’t claim your winning NFT (which, who wouldn’t?) it would still declare you as the owner. Now, you’ll have to at least click the fancy claim button to redeem your NFT to receive it and become the owner.
  • And as always, various minor bug fixes.

Gaining Access

Currently the real money beta version isn’t fully open to the public as we wait for all of the audits to clear. To get access to the real money beta:

  1. Join our Discord
  2. Fill out the short beta application form
  3. That’s it!

After you’ve completed those things, we’ll reach out to you ASAP to get you on-boarded so you can access the beta.

Do note that this private beta is on the xDai network, so if you haven’t already, you’ll need to configure your wallet properly which you can see how to do here.

Important: this is a beta test only, the contracts have not yet been audited, and some core features are missing. The contracts are subject to change and will be redeployed before launch. After launch an access portal will be maintained to withdraw remaining funds/winnings, however the NFTs and trophy cabinet will not be accessible.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept applications from US residents, or anyone under the age of 18 at this time.

And lastly, once the audit changes are fully approved (and the real money beta is ended) we’ll be ready to get the show on the road and open the flood gates to the public!

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