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A Deep Dive Into Reality Chain: The Chain for the Next Generation of Metaverses

Reality Chain is a new multi-chain Social Metaverse that seeks to provide a non-immersive and accessible Metaverse experience. It inaugurates the beginning of a Metaverse that can be constantly accessible from any device and that effectively allows users to interact with it in parallel with real life’s activities.

It is this innovative idea that made Reality Chain an award-winning project. On September 24th, it won the NEAR MetaBuidl Hackathon in the Play Hacks category and received a prize of $30.000 to develop. It is now being developed on NEAR Protocol, inaugurating the beginning of the next generation of Metaverse. In this article, we will explore the vision that powers Reality Chain’s development as well as the features that makes it different from any other Metaverse currently on the market.

Reality Chain Mission And Vision

Reality Chain is a new multi-chain Social Metaverse that seeks to provide a non-immersive, disintermediated, casual, user-owned, and accessible Metaverse experience. It offers the possibility to access the Metaverse from any device and to interact with it easily and in parallel with daily life activities. As Reality Chain CEO, Adam Ardisasmita explains:

“We believe that more people should have access to the metaverse. The technology should be accessible and easy to use. That’s why we start with 2D verse. We want the experience to be mobile first, and we also make sure you can easily jump into the 2D verse using only one hand while commuting on the train with our adaptive UI for portrait mode. It will break the barrier to entry into the metaverse so everyone can have their social interaction in the 2d verse easily. Accessibility has always been our top priority. We also have a 3D verse on our pipeline and we will make sure that it will be lightweight and easy to access.”

- Adam Ardisasmita

Reality Chain creates the possibility of enhancing social activity by making the Metaverse part of one’s daily life instead of substituting it. By making it easy to jump on the Metaverse and interact with other users within it, the Metaverse can be better incorporated into everyday social life.

A sneak preview of the

Importantly, Reality Chain will not be controlled by a single corporate entity, as other Metaverses, but it will be a community-owned federated system built within Web3. Users will be allowed to own pieces of Reality Chain in the form of NFTs and be guaranteed a fully disintermediated and empowering experience.

Reality Chain then positions itself as a Metaverse incubator that provides everybody with the tools and infrastructure to build their tailored metaverse:

“Reality Chain is an engine that could help anyone to build their own metaverse. Creators can easily have their own 2d or 3d verse with every in-world asset, including spatial assets like land, in an NFT owned by users. And in our roadmap, we want to enable all of the metaverse in Reality Chain to have interoperability capability between metaverses.”

- Adam Ardisasmita

Another incredible innovation that Reality Chain brings to the fore is staking the protocol’s tokens instead of paying the platform to create a Metaverse:

“For the reality chain we are initiating something very different. So instead of paying us to create your metaverse, you stake our tokens that are called $REAL tokens that are going to be on NEAR. If you stake $REAL tokens, then you will be able to spin up your own metaverse so your community can spin up your metaverse, your project can spin up your metaverse etc.”

- Decentricity, Reality Chain Advisor

This revolutionary idea will look to further facilitate the creation of new Metaverses.

Reality Chain Core User Experience

From the user side, Reality Chain also provides very innovative features that bring gaming and social activities to the next level.

1. Immersive Multiplayer Functionalities

Reality Chain has various immersive multiplayer functionalities that allow users to fully customize their personal space. These functionalities enable players to assume the role of NFT avatars and interact with a wide range of in-game assets represented with NFTs.

2. Land Ownership

On Reality Chain players will be able to buy and retain ownership of certain areas where things can be built by the owner. Additionally, Metaverse owners have the possibility of staking their $REAL to create a land that can be sold within the Metaverse.

3. World Exploration

One of the most outstanding features that Reality Chains offer is the ability to explore the world by moving around easily, seeing indoor and outdoor landscapes, and interacting with objects, as well as to change the skill depending on the location.

4. Voice and Text Chat

Private and public voice and text chat are available on Reality Chain, providing a more real and unique experience.

5. In-world Purchases

Users are able to interact with objects by looking at their details and get a link to their related marketplace.

What’s Next?

Reality Chain has been working on its 2Dverse development since June, and on the 25th of November it will be ready to share with the world its first demos of the Paras and UniqueOne Metaverses.

After that, the Reality Chain will continue on its path of innovation and will bring to fruition the next generation of Metaverses.

To keep up to date with Reality Chain’s development, follow them on Twitter and check out their Website.




Create on Reality Chain — An award-winning multichain, interoperable, Metaverse-as-a-Service.

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