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Kicking Russia out of the UN Human Rights Council

Screenshot of youtube video covering expulsion of Russia from UN’s Human Rights Council.
Russia expelled from Human Rights Council (April 7, 2022). Youtube.

When our instincts are yelling “crime is crime call the police”, it’s hard to accept there’s no direct way to do this when the criminal is a nation state — or, at least, its leadership.

I nonetheless enjoyed a “YES!” moment when I learned Russia has been kicked off the UN’s Human Rights Council (2).

Uh Duh.

I’m disturbed and saddened by the naked truth the Ukraine crisis forces upon us concerning the fragility of our species: empowered with god-like weapons while still acting on the instincts of beasts.

Lions (1) I can forgive for invading neighboring territories — although I still flinch at them killing the cubs.

Humans should be smarter.


(1) FiveZero Safaris. (Oct 14, 2016). Male lions kill cubs and take over pride. . Youtube.

(2) SkyNews. (Oct 14, 2016). Ukraine War: Russia suspended from UN Human Rights Council. Youtube.



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Lynda J Williams

Exploring connections between story-telling and life in 2022. Author of Okal Rel Universe science fiction. Semi-retired educator.