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Stop the killing.

Let it be true!

Youtube screenshot on possible cease fire in Ukraine.
Screenshot for youtube

Woke this morning to teasers on Youtube of a possible cease fire in Ukraine (1).

Please, let it be true.

How anyone can negotiate with others with the memory of murdered children and bombed hospitals fresh in their minds, I can’t imagine. I’m glad there are people who can if it saves lives.

I’ve always had a problem with how people can believe murdering others in a war of aggression is okay. I do get fighting in self defense. Innocents are still killed on the side of the invaders since war mongers love to send clueless youths to the front lines, but what else can you do? Self defense is a credible defense in civil law.

Which makes me wonder — why should there be a difference between violence between nations and murder in peace time? Isn’t this just an anachronism we need to shed to get to a sustainable world order?

If there’s a bright spot in the horror Putin has unleased on Ukraine, it is seeing individuals act on their convictions, as individuals, not trapped inside the confines of the regime in control of their homeland. Ironically, it is western volunteers not in the army who can fight for Ukraine. But individuals and groups in Belarus and even Russians (2) can fight for their own vision of their homelands, as well.

I no longer see hope for mankind in even the calculating self-interest of blatantly power-hungry, immoral world leaders, given Putin’s behavior in 2022. I do see hope in Ilya Ponomarev’s (2) choice, and the will of decent, reasonable people everywhere, given the means to weigh in independently of the regime currently in charge at “home”.

Home is Earth.

We need an Earthy version of Okal Rel: Sustainability before ambition.


(1) Infinity News. (Mar 29, 2022 ). Last minute ! Statement from Russia War will stop in Kyiv and Chernihiv for dialogue. Youtube.

(2) CNN. ( Mar 29, 2022). ‘Unfortunately, I was right’: Russian politician-turned-dissident speaks out. Youtube.



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Lynda J Williams

Lynda J Williams

Exploring connections between story-telling and life in 2022. Author of Okal Rel Universe science fiction. Semi-retired educator.