Transurfing offers fundamentally different approach to achieving objectives. One makes a choice, as if ordering in a restaurant, without worrying about the means to achieve it. In most cases the goal gets realized by itself, regardless of the direct actions of the client. Your desires are not fulfilled. Your dreams will not come true. But your choice is an irrevocable law and it will inevitably happen. It is impossible to explain in a nutshell the essence of choice. All the Transurfing deals with what is choice and how to make it.

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The Excessive Potential

Excessive potential is a tension, a local disturbance in the steady energy field. Such heterogeneity is created by mental energy whenever an object is given undue importance.

For example, desire causes excessive potential since it seeks to attract the desired object, where it is actually absent.

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The strong desire to have something that you actually don’t have, creates energy “pressure difference”, which creates wind of balancing forces. Other examples of excessive potentials: anger, condemnation, admiration, adoration, idealization, overestimation, contempt vainglory, superiority feeling, guilt, inferiority feeling.


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