Coordination of Intention

Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland

Realization of the worst expectations of people prone to negative thoughts, confirms that one is able to influence the course of events. Each event on the life line has two branches in the space of variations — in a favourable and an unfavourable direction. Whenever you encounter one or another event, you make choices about how to treat it. If you look at it positively, you’ll be on the favourable branch of the life line. Inclination to negativity however makes you show discontent and choose the unfavourable branch.

If something makes you angry, a new trouble is to follow. This is the mechanism of “an evil never comes alone.” But the series does not come trouble after trouble, it is related to your attitude towards it. Pattern is created by the choices that you make.

Photo by The Roaming Platypus on Unsplash

Analysing the tendency to negativity, you can imagine where it will lead you throughout your life, this sequence of negative branches. The principle of coordination of intention is: if you decide to view the seemingly negative change in the scenario as a positive one, such it shall be. Guided by this principle, you will achieve the same success in the positive, as achieved in the negative by using worst expectations.


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