Can holograms help the world?

Yes. This AR/VR event generated $105 for charity for Doctor’s Without Borders.

An Attendee tries on the HoloLens
Kaden and Kevin

Thanks to Kaden Strand of Blue Penguin and Kevin Owocki + Mark Piszczor at Occipital — two studs from a AR/MR headset & sensor company — we had 32 engineers, designers and futurists flooding into free space provided by Galvanize and their $4 tickets are going to Doctors Without Borders.

All of this will happen over delicious beer provided by Prost Brewing right here in Denver.. and GALVANIZE gave us the space for it all! And the pizza donated by Optera Group? Delicious!

Dude, how does $105 really help anyhow? Intrinsically…

Great question. It isn’t about how much you give but how you give it. I read in a Guy Kawasaki book Enchantment that Ethiopia gave money to Mexico to return a favor 50 years prior when Mexico had given money to Ethiopia. when you help others it makes them want to help you — you just can’t expect it. You give freely but you know it makes the world better.

Plus, some dude won a structure sensor…

Fun, fun, fun!

The photo above shows the attendees learning from the speakers and just getting familiar with the tech. Very exciting time and we look forward to doing another event!

Thank you,


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