How do I put a 3D model in VR?

I got this question from my 14 year old nephew who spend the week learning to write C# in Unity 3D. The question came up as he was getting a handle on Glitch. This goes to show you that you no longer even need a degree or have to be at a specific place in life to create content and ideas that the world is interested in. He is a little hacker!

In fact, you don’t need Venture Capital in order to pioneer a new creative medium for humanity like AR/MR/VR. VR can be made by anyone, which is really important now that AltSpaceVR is closing its doors.

Wanna try it out? Remix this Glitch, a website that hosts your AR/VR sites for free.

​How Do I put in 3D Models?

1. Add an Assets Tag and an a-asset-item. 
Just copy paste the whole snippet below. Include the “city-mtl” even though you don’t see it above in the picture. You’ll need a MTL (material) to see your model. More on this later.

 <a-asset-item id=”city-obj” src=”"></a-asset-item>
 <a-asset-item id=”city-mtl” src=”"></a-asset-item>

2. Find a free 3D Model on Turbosquid

a. Search for “City” or the type of model you want.
 b. Select $0 in the filter

c. Make sure you download a file format that can be imported by Blender. I just used a blend file to make it easier.

3. Download, import the model, and export as an OBJ

4. Drag the OBJ into Glitch Assets page and copy the URL

Put that link in the ‘src’ from step 1 (and repeat for your materials)

6. Re position your model until it is where you want it. Then check it as you adjust it


So what can you do with this? Anything. I read a comment on The Virtual Reality Girl’s LinkedIn where Mohamed Ouedarbi and Tyler Lindell explore why some 3D content creators tend to rinse and repeat 2D experiences in 3D. AltspaceVR did some really awesome work that pushed the limits in some aspects but it is important to consider why AR/VR content is not living up to the hype yet as you embark on your creations. They have to benefit someone!

What is next?

Expect to see how to import your creations from Google Blocks and Tiltbrush into WebVR and a review of some of the basics. I’l start posting videos. Feel free to ping me with any questions, clarifications or things you would like to see in WEBVR.

REMIX THE HTML!!/join/1356588e-816c-4c28-9098-159828ee3ff1​

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