Mars, AR and Us.

Elon Musk just released a presentation that lays out some details on making colonization of mars viable.

Source: SpaceX

It is easy to be dismissive here because the image above is only that: an image. But if you go back at the Hyperloop image in that seminal white paper, you see more images of a fantastic transportation system that didn’t exist. But guess what? People all over the world are erecting them.

Elon talks about working insane work weeks that I’m not capable of. But we all have an hour or two and so I will dedicate an hour each day to making holographic prototypes of the UI the astronauts might use on their way to the red planet.

As a precursor to holographic design, I will start prototyping in VR andwork my way up in the more complex realm of augmented reality.

Below is a GIF I’ve captured using the HTC Vive to get controllers working for basic grab an throw interactions.

This is very crude. I’m just throwing bell pepper plants on the surface of mercury — the wrong planet…

But over time the menu systems should evolve as should empathy for the tasks an astronaut will need to complete with respect to the pace of automation buttressed by Artificial Intelligence technologies adopted by SpaceX. So here goes…

Tentative Series Plan:

Holographic Use Cases for Mars Pilots

VR Design Controls for the Mars Pilots

Deep Learning and UI: Speculation

Human Factors Considerations

GANs for the astronauts

Holographic Planning for Space Biologists

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