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What is Realium?

How it started

What is the goal of Realium?

The founders of Realium have one goal in mind: lower the barrier of entry to real estate investing and speed up the traditional transaction process by leveraging the blockchain. They are achieving this at a large scale by using the Avalanche blockchain network and tokenizing real estate.

Where is the project now?

Currently, the Realium team is finishing the next iteration of the platform originally built. This version implements the use of smart contracts, the onboarding process for new properties, KYC integration, and a better user experience on the platform.

From left to right, Rob Upchurch, Demitri Haddad, Trevan Reese, Danny Guzman

Where is the projected headed?

The Realium team is hoping to raise funding to tackle their next hurdle before going to market — legal. Realium is looking to receive a Reg A Tier 1 exemption from the SEC which companies similar to Realium have attained. This would allow for the purchase and sale of securities from both accredited and retail investors without holding periods.

How can you participate?

Right now you can browse Realium’s platform, but you can’t trade any real estate shares — yet! You can, however, sign up for the waiting list to be notified when Realium’s first property goes live. Go to to sign up now.



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