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50 Transformative (And Purposeful) Journal Prompts

The day I learned how to journal correctly was the day my life changed.

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Most of the time, your stress and anxiety are a result of misalignment.

Misalignment is a result of failing to understand yourself; Your thoughts and actions aren’t aligned with your passion and purpose.

Your spinning your wheels.

And you think that more action will help.

Yet, you continue to spin your wheels.

The truth is, understanding more about yourself will create alignment with your thoughts and actions.

When this happens, you become unstoppable.

The thing about journaling is, it’s transformative. But most people do it incorrectly.

You might think it’s unnecessary, or even daunting.

Sitting down with a blank sheet of paper and a pen can certainly be overwhelming; what the hell do you even write about?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, journaling is the quickest & most efficient strategy to

  • Discover your purpose.
  • Turn a vague vision into a logical reality.
  • Control your emotions.
  • Minimize stress and anxiety.

And guess what? Sometimes all it takes is one sentence.

The most important thing you do when you begin your day with pen and paper is this: Answer a specific question.

Yes, I’m telling you that you don’t need to sit down for 30 minutes and write about how you felt today when someone cut you off on the highway.

Rather, answer a question that brings your focus to who you are becoming and what needs to be done.

So instead of calling these “journal prompts” I like to refer to them as “purpose prompts”

Start with #1 and go down the list. Begin each day answering one question with as little as one sentence.

If you feel compelled to write more, do it.

If you don’t, don’t.

Soon you’ll find yourself discovering more about who you truly are and what actions you need to take to create alignment.

In other words, you become unstoppable.

50 Transformative Purpose Prompts

  1. Describe the best version of yourself.
  2. Describe your perfect day.
  3. Where would you be after 365 consecutive perfect days?
  4. How do you envision yourself 10-years from now?
  5. What is holding you back?
  6. What causes you pain? Does is push you forward or hold you back?
  7. What advice would your future self give you today?
  8. What makes you feel most alive?
  9. How can you live with purpose today?
  10. What would your life look like without fear?
  11. What does success mean to you?
  12. What needs to change in order to be your best self?
  13. Who needs your kindness today?
  14. Make a list of everything you have that you are grateful for.
  15. When is the last time you failed? What did you learn?
  16. Describe why you are a victor, not a victim.
  17. What can you do today to escape your comfort zone?
  18. What productive habits can you begin today?
  19. Do you let criticism stop you? Why or why not?
  20. What needs to change for your life to improve?
  21. How can you learn to master 24 hours?
  22. What can you do each day to focus on improving yourself?
  23. What is your ultimate vision?
  24. Why is chasing your dream important to you?
  25. What inspires you?
  26. What is one thing you need to do that you haven’t started yet?
  27. What risks will you need to take to accomplish your goals?
  28. What positive takeaways do you have from each job you have ever held?
  29. What will make today 1% better?
  30. When have you been courageous?
  31. What do you need to begin doing today?
  32. What legacy do you want to leave?
  33. If you do nothing what will you miss out on?
  34. What gives your energy?
  35. What are your strengths?
  36. What attributes do you admire most from those around you?
  37. Who is your hero, and why?
  38. What have you learned from failure?
  39. When have you turned a negative situation into a positive one?
  40. How do you stay focused on small/gradual results?
  41. What are your top-5 short-term goals?
  42. How can you work smarter and harder?
  43. In what areas do you need to improve consistency?
  44. How do you develop a positive perception?
  45. What excuse do you need to get over?
  46. Describe the person you see yourself becoming.
  47. Describe your dream life.
  48. Describe everything you love about life.
  49. If you only had one life to live (wink wink) what would you do?
  50. What brings happiness and joy into your life?

The Truth

Purpose isn’t something you long for.

It’s not achieved one day when you have reached all of your goals.

It’s something you feel today.

And it occurs when you realize that the person you envision yourself becoming can be executed today.

It’s a process of learning, understanding, and living.

And once you do it, you’ll never be the same.

Think + Write + Discover + Be.

I’m excited for you!


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