Happy fourth birthday RealKM Magazine!

Bruce Boyes
Aug 21 · 2 min read

On the 18th of August, RealKM Magazine celebrated its fourth birthday. It’s been a great year, and a big heartfelt thanks goes to everyone who has made this possible!

The significant achievements and events for RealKM Magazine over the past year have included:

  • Award win: RealKM Magazine won the Knowledge and Information Award in the 2018 CILIP Knowledge and Information Management (K&IM) Awards, which were presented in London in December last year.
  • RealKM Cooperative: RealKM Magazine founder Stephen Bounds formally transitioned RealKM to a community-owned model, with the RealKM Cooperative Limited registered in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in May 2019. This followed an inaugural meeting at which Stephen Bounds, Bruce Boyes, and Dr Arthur Shelley were elected as directors.
  • Comprehensive resources: We recently published our 1,000th article. The types of articles RealKM Magazine publishes include evidence summaries, feature articles, article series, and news items.
  • Valued resources: Several RealKM Magazine articles have now been viewed more than 10,000 times, including more than 22,000 views of our most popular article.
  • KM Asia 2019 conference: RealKM Magazine editor and lead writer Bruce Boyes delivered a presentation and participated in a knowledge manager certification panel at the KM Asia 2019 conference in April in Hong Kong.

A very special thank you to the RealKM Patrons

A very special birthday thank you goes to our RealKM Patrons, whose generous support makes the continuation of RealKM Magazine possible.

RealKM Platinum Patrons

Stephen Bounds and Dr Arthur Shelley are RealKM Platinum-level Patrons, our highest supporter level:

  • Stephen Bounds: Stephen is the founding editor and a Platinum-level Patron of RealKM Magazine, and Executive, Information Management at Cordelta.
  • Dr Arthur Shelley: Founded by Dr Arthur Shelley, Intelligent Answers is a specialist consulting firm with the vision to “Build capabilities and productive relationships through creative learning.”

RealKM Gold Patrons

  • Patrick Lambe: Straits Knowledge www.straitsknowledge.com is a knowledge management research and consulting firm headquartered in Singapore, and active in projects around the world.

RealKM Silver Patrons

RealKM Bronze Patrons: Simon Møller, Kristen J Booker, and DCision Consult Sàrl.

RealKM Patrons and RealKM Fans: 5 Patrons and 3 Fans.

Join us for the KM journey ahead!

We look forward to continuing to promote evidence-based knowledge management in the years ahead.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the RealKM Weekly Wrap newsletter, and you can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Header image source: Adapted from nick v on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Originally published at RealKM.

RealKM Magazine

Syndicating the articles published on realkm.com

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It’s about people: helping people to learn, know, participate, act and interact has been the focus of my diverse career.

RealKM Magazine

Syndicating the articles published on realkm.com

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