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In the know: KM for IT teams, Open Access, and The Decolonial Critique

In the know is a regular roundup of knowledge management (KM) topics of discussion and the videos and podcasts that are grabbing the attention of KM experts across our community.

Knowledge Management points to valuable IT oversight

In this Flyover Future featured interview, well-known RealKM Magazine contributor John Antill explores the role of KM in information technology (IT) oversight.

Open Access

In this great fun video, Penn State University’s Jeff Edmunds makes a plea for open access:

The Decolonial Critique

The University of Liverpool’s Leon Moosavi introduces The Decolonial Critique, a new network relevant to the decolonisation of knowledge and KM:

The Decolonial Critique is a global network of scholars and activists who have an interest in theoretical and applied approaches to coloniality/decoloniality within and beyond the university. This includes a focus on decolonising various aspects of academia, such as: research methods; citation practices; pedagogy; curricula; institutional hierarchies; and other related areas. The network recognises that there are a number of contested approaches to understanding coloniality/decoloniality and welcomes diverse perspectives. The network does not only focus on the harms of colonialism and neo-colonialism, but also on the potential harms of purported efforts to decolonise. The purpose of the list is to: discuss topics relating to coloniality/decoloniality; coordinate online and in-person events; facilitate collaboration; share research resources; share teaching materials; and nurture a supportive and inclusive community.

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