Building a better social media strategy

Craig Thomler from Social Media Planner has developed a custom deck of cards that can be used to help businesses plan and execute on a social media engagement strategy. By having physical cards and not relying on technology for the discussion, people can consider different social strategies at a table, without computers or digital devices getting in the way.

Benefits of the cards include:

  1. Creating familiarity with social media services. Using the social media planner cards helps to build an understanding of how different types of social media services operate and can be combined to build an effective social media presence.
  2. Improving the understanding between initiative owners and social media professionals. By providing a base level of knowledge in an easy to use tool, it is easier to bridge the gap in knowledge between people responsible for achieving the effective use of social media, and the professionals who are responsible for carrying it out.
  3. Design and test your own social media strategies. The scenario cards can be used to build an understanding of how you could combine different approaches to engage your customers, which then allows team members to try using their own situation to develop a real strategy.
  4. Increase staff and leader engagement with social media. The non-technology approach used by the social media planner cards means that even people uncomfortable with technology can be engaged in the discussion.

A business edition and a government edition of these cards is available for purchase now through the RealKM store, or visit the Social Media Planner site to learn more.

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