really big ideas we should try

humanity is in a bit of rut. we need to try more creative solutions to our problems and act in unison.

Seven Steps to Becoming a Spontaneous Explorer of the World


Greetings future explorer of the world! In this post we will be

Why Don’t Insurance Companies Own Hospitals?

Please tell me why this won’t work!

I’m the furthest thing from an expert on the healthcare system. So this question is not rhetorical. Please do enlighten me on this point if you know anything!

“Doctor, n. A gentleman who thrives upon disease and dies of health.” — Ambrose Bierce, The…

Premature Optimization is the Root of all Evil 

How a software engineering truism teaches us to be better at… everything

“Premature Optimization is…

Places Are Made Of A Thousand Stories

An illustrated guide to Maptia, the new storytelling platform on a mission to build the most inspirational map in the world.

3 señales que necesitas un nuevo logo

El logotipo de tu negocio es una forma rápida y fácil de transmitir la imagen de tu marca en la mente de los consumidores, es la cara pública de tu…

Engineering an ending

Can you really influence the way someone might respond to you?

How easy is it to identify and measure success? In a simple transaction…

The Age Of Outrospection

Why ‘adventurous empathy’ might be the most essential quality of civilisation.

Unsui 0.3: Creative Self-Disruption

I’m watching late night TV. A panel of unemployed “youths” is talking about how hard things are: How many CVs they’ve sent out, how many times they’ve…

Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect

How I learned to embrace the Wabi Sabi philosophy

Maybe Our Government isn’t the Problem

Maybe it’s How We Choose Our Elected Leaders

Over the past month, Edward Snowden has simultaneously become the most…

The secret purpose of Google Fiber

The next Facebook will hardly be a facebook

Josh Miller has published a post, in which he argues that the next website (app?) to be worth $100 bln will need to come up with a platform making possible unawkward chatting and making friends with folks you don’t know, yet share something in common, as it used to be in the old IRC…

Broadcasting the continuum of science

I think we need a better tool for communicating ideas.

The problem with journal papers is that they are discrete, static and conservative while science is essentially a continuous, dynamic and unpredictable process. So, we need an instrument that would allow, along with printing IMRAD articles on paper or uploading PDFs to arXiv

A New Ideas Machine

Let’s create a $1Bn global crowdfunded innovation prize.

Has our great ideas machine really broken down? Peter Thiel recently quipped that…

Mostly Summer Rolls

Every night at dinner my wife and I each ask what the other learned that day


Put People Before Ideas

I went to a conference this summer at which Patrick Lencioni spoke. He said that leaders of organizations have the responsibility to focus their energy on two general…

Build An Algorithmic City

Nature designs with recipes, humans design with blueprints. DNA is far more like a recipe than the blueprints which form the basis of architectural design.

Free transportation for life

I've been privileged to be able to own both of Tesla's models (Roadster and Model S sedan) over the past four years. During that time I drove 15k+ miles and…

really big ideas we should try
really big ideas we should try

humanity is in a bit of rut. we need to try more creative solutions to our problems and act in unison.

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