EP 25: Curiosity Over Judgement (Sex Education)

Maeve, Otis, and Eric from Sex Education in the cafeteria looking shocked

We’re back! This week we jump into Netflix’s phenomenal, hilarious, and touching (in more ways than one) show Sex Education. We truly can’t recommend it enough as it leads with curiosity over judgement, has wildly impressive acting, and shows us an aspirational world that would be a joy to live in. Before that, er talk about the myriad of things we watched over our mini break, including, but not limited to, The Ultimatum, Normal People, Julia, and Minx.

Listen to the episode here.

Next week we’re talking about the iconic Jurassic Park.

Some topics covered:

Where to stream:

  • Sex Education — Netflix
  • Normal People — Hulu
  • The Ultimatum — Netflix
  • Julia — HBO Max
  • Minx — HBO Max
  • Fate: The Winx Saga — Netflix
  • In a Relationship — Amazon Prime
  • Life and Beth — Hulu

As always, please hit us up with questions, suggestions, just to say hi, or god forbid any concerns (jkkk if you’re concerned we’re concerned, def let us know). Follow us on socials @theriftpod, and you can email us at theriftpod@gmail.com.

Episodes drop every Wednesday. See you next week!




There’s no guilt in these pleasures

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