10 Of The Best – Holiday Catch Up Double Edition

So I was away this week, living it up in Vanuatu, so I didn’t write any blog posts. As such, there’s a bunch to catch up on, and so this edition of 5 of the Best will be doubled up. Two of everything. Buckle up.


Everything GREAT about The LEGO Batman Movie: Cinema Sins are great and all, but they can drag on and on about continuity errors and rubbish that no one cares about sometimes. When you’ve had enough of Cinema Sins, go find Cinema Wins, which is a new ish channel that does exactly what it says on the tin. This video is really great, as is the movie that it’s about.

Alexandre Lacazette’s First Goal For Arsenal: I know that this blog isn’t very sports focused, but let it be known that I am very excited that Arsenal have finally spent some money on a striker, and even though this was a pre season friendly against Sydney FC, it was a very promising start for Lacazette. One more signing and we should be well set for the season to come.


Haim, Something To Tell You: Every week that Haim has put out a new single, it has featured in this series of posts, so it was kind of a given that I would feature the final album. It’s very good, and despite a few sniffy reviews around the internet, this is exactly the album I was looking for from Haim. Just a tight collection of very good, stylish jams. Listen to it, there’s no reason that you wouldn’t like it.

3 New Tyler The Creator Tracks: I haven’t been a fan of Tyler The Creator in the past, but these new songs are good enough that I’m revisiting his stuff. They’re tracks off his upcoming album Flower Boy, and they are really cool and interesting. I particularly like 911/Mr. Lonely, which has a guest verse from Frank Ocean, who seems increasingly to be experimenting with some variation on talk-singing-rapping which I’m into, and has this wandering structure that crosses different genre. All of the tracks are worth a listen, and stay tuned for more from Tyler.


NB: I have read neither of these books, but I just bought them and I am VERY excited to read them. If you want, you can read them along with me and let me know what you think.

Startup by Doree Shafrir: This book follows intersecting characters in the NY startup scene. Shafrir works at BuzzFeed, so her finger is on the pulse and she’s in a great position to do the satire that this book promises. It looks fascinating and funny and a very good read, I can’t wait to get into it.

American Kingpin by Nick Bilton: This book is about the Dread Pirate Roberts, not the movie character but the man behind the infamous site Silk Road, and the investigation to catch him. Bilton got a crazy amount of access to info for this book and it looks like he has pored over every possible aspect of the story. A fascinating story well told is always worth reading, and this looks like just that.


Hatski Jeans: These are particularly expensive pants. I’m not sure I own any clothing worth as much as these pants cost. However, I’ve never tried on such nice pants in my life. The cut is lovely and the fabric is top notch. They don’t have a very good online presence but you can find them at a really great new shop in Auckland called Shakes, which is definitely worth checking out, they have really awesome stuff there all across the spectrum of prices. Shakes also unfortunately is a bit lacking in online store presence, but it’s worth a trip into town to go there if you’re around. These pants are rather expensive, but you won’t find a better pair very easily, and I bet the price per wear is very good.

Moreporks Speckled Socks: It’s out there in the world that I love a good pair of socks. These are a good pair of socks.


@jonnysun: Jomny Sun is an alien who has come down to earth and is tweeting about it. At the moment lots of this account is promotion for his new book, but he’s still worth a follow for some really cool interesting tweets.

Matty from the 1975 (@truman_black): The 1975 is one of my favourite bands, if not the number one, and the mind behind it is almost as fascintating as the music he makes. He has a very well considered twitter presence, with some comments on current events as well as the standard sort of self-promotion that one would expect from a musician. Very good follow.

Alright, that’s all for this week. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @reallyreillyh and let me know what you thought of my recommendations this week, and what you’ve been into. Also, if you want to get some more regular music recommendations and you’re on Apple Music, follow my playlist below. Catch you next time.