5 Of The Best: No Lil Yachty Here


Welcome back to 5 of the Best, a weekly culture roundup from yours truly, Really Reilly H. This week was packed: there was a new, 21 song long Lil Yachty album. That album does not feature this week. Let’s see what does:


André 3000 guest verses: On Frank Ocean’s latest blonded RADIO, he said “You know when you’re not on the list but you’re still №1? You’re not top 5 because you’re №1. You’re not involved in top 5 conversations because you’re №1. That’s André 3000.” It’s easy to forget how great André 3000 is, because most of his stuff is guest verses, but it is worth seeking out. He’s a crazy wordsmith with awesome skill that has never put out a solo project. Start with ‘Hello’ by Erykah Badu and ‘Solo (Reprise)’ with Frank Ocean, and go from there. You’ll thank me later.


What’s Going On With Lucy Zee at Barbercraft: Lucy Zee is hilarious, and these videos are always awesome. This one is no different. It was also Lucy’s birthday this week, so happy birthday Lucy and thanks for doing the great work you do. Watch this video, and then watch all the others.


The Botmakers Who Rule the Obsessive World of Streetwear on Wired: Streetwear is super fascinating at the moment. A lot of money, a lot of hype, a lot of bad fashion choices, but also a lot of very intelligent young people making a lot of money from it. This is a fascinating piece for anyone interested even tangentially in streetwear, or just even clothes and the economy of fashion. A great read, and not too long. Check it out.


White Man Behind A Desk: New Zealand has a remarkable comedy scene, and I like to think that I’m pretty up and hip with the kids on it, but I hadn’t heard of this channel until today. White Man Behind A Desk is sort of like John Oliver, if John Oliver was a young New Zealander who lives in Wellington. Brilliantly written, well produced, and smart and well-researched enough that you won’t be left with entirely awful opinions. Worth a binge and a follow on YouTube, for sure.


FABRIC Store: Usually I use this section to talk about a specific type of clothing, but today I’m using it to showcase a cool store. FABRIC is a really cool fashion store, they stock stuff like Gosha Rubchinskiy and Commes Des Garcons PLAY, as well as some more standard streetwear type stuff. At the moment, they have awesome sales on Commes Des Garcons Wallet and Adidas Originals sneakers which are definitely worth checking out. It’s mostly pricey, but all very cool.

So that’s it, folks! My favourite things from the week that was. Let me know what you were into this week on Twitter (@reallyreillyh) and I’ll see you next week!