5 Of The Best: White Guilt


Welcome back to 5 of the Best, a weekly culture round up from me, Really Reilly H. Let’s do it.


Dear White People on Netflix: I never watched the movie that preceded this TV show, so I can’t speak to how it compares, but I think it’s a really considered, compelling exploration of race relations and the politics of young people. A few too many “gotcha” moments which just involved someone having sex with someone unexpected, but skipping over that leaves a really very good TV show. I binged it a lot quicker than I had expected, which is good because now I have time for new Master of None and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which both have new seasons coming.


Rollin’ (feat. Future and Khalid) by Calvin Harris: I have very little interest in Future, but I do really like Khalid and post-Taylor Calvin Harris. This is the third in a string of straight bops from Calvin, and definitely worth a jam to in the car.


Non-Backpack Bags: I love a good backpack, but it’s key to know its strengths. A backpack is really good for school, carry on luggage, that sort of thing, but there are so many other options for when you’re just wandering through town that don’t make you look a little bit like a primary schooler. At the moment, I’m a big fan of the tote bag (grab one from by.liv if you can, rep the cause and look cool as shit), but I’m also looking into stuff like briefcases and that sort of thing. Expanding your horizons is always a good call with this sort of thing. Dear god, stop wearing Macpacs around town, and don’t swap it for the glorified bum bag that some hypebeasts go for.


thomstonmusic on snapchat: Thomston is a really cool musician from Auckland, and his music is definitely worth a listen. Once you listen to his debut album, hit him on snapchat because he is constantly teasing awesome new tracks. I am very excited to see what he does next.


The book on your bedside table: This is a massive cop out, but the main thing I’ve been reading is that book on my bedside table that I’ve been putting off reading. This week, it’s Sapiens, but the point isn’t the book, the point is that we always put off that book because Instagram is so great, but it’s pretty good to put the internet down and pick up a book every once in a while. Good for your sleep, too.

That’s all for this week, folks! Catch you next week, and stay tuned for a Harry Styles review (*gasp*). Hit me on twitter, and I’ll see you later.