Shirt Tucking 101–5 Tips To Rock The Tuck

The Spring is springing here in New Zealand, sometimes at least, and it’s time to look into some new style options for summer. Since the jumpers will be coming off as the sun comes in, I reckon a great option for your summer look is to start tucking your tops in. Here are a few tips on how to do it right.

1. Choose The Right Top

This is a key factor. You can’t just go tucking any top into your pants. Because this is a summer look, we’re going for relaxed vibes. Therefore, rock some relaxed tops in this look. I go for an oversized tee usually, because otherwise it can look a bit nerdy with a tighter fit, or a collared shirt. It pays to go simple as well, rather than a pattern. Graphics are all good though.

2. Choose The Right Pants

When I began my shirt tucking journey, I tried it with skinny jeans. I don’t recommend that option. Somehow it just looks weird when you tuck a top into a pair of skinny jeans. Instead, go for a relaxed fit of pants, or baggy shorts. It’s more comfortable and it looks better.

3. Wear A Belt

If you’re wearing pants with belt loops, those loops will be exposed when you tuck your shirt. Stick a belt in, and you’ll look much better than if you were just rocking the empty loops. A good belt is important anyway, so you should have one anyway. It adds to your tucked look for sure.

4. Accessorise

Because you are going with what is a fairly utilitarian look, it helps to add a bit of personal flair to finish it off. I wear a ring and a necklace under my top, but you could add a watch, or rock a carabiner for your keys. The opportunities are endless.

5. Experiment

Try some new things! Try tucking a jumper in, or wearing a belt that’s a little more showy than what you would usually wear (Gucci is in at the moment, if you’re a baller). These tips will have given you a good start, but at the end of the day style is all about experimentation. Try different permutations of things until you find what fits. That’s the excitement of fashion and personal style. Go get em.

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