Start your week off right! 4th December 2017

The view out my window this morning

Welcome back to the real world! I spent the weekend at the beach, and now I have a 7 day workweek. If you’re struggling with the beginning of the week like I am, here’s just what the doctor ordered: some good content for you to interact with and start your week off right. Let’s get into it.


The Meyerowitz Stories on Netflix: now, it is really easy to discount this movie based on cast alone. It stars Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller as brothers. That sentence could and probably should tell you to run in the exact opposite direction of the screen as fast as you can. But for this movie alone you should resist that desire. It’s actually a really interesting, insightful film that is well worth a watch.

Internetting with Amanda Hess on Digital Blackface: This is a really fascinating video about the problems inherent in white people’s use of black images and language online. We’re all complicit in it, and this video explains the issue in a really good and digestible way.


A fanboy farewells The Worst Idea Of All Time on The Spinoff: TWIOAT is probably my favourite podcast, and certainly my favourite comedy podcast, and now it’s over. This piece sums it up about as well as you could ever do it. If you haven’t listened yet, you have three years of catching up to do, and I envy you that.


Tote Bags: Now that summer is here it’s time to ditch your backpack and hit the beach. The best bag for summer is a simple tote. I resisted using one for a long time, but I wish I hadn’t now because they’re super useful. The one I’ve linked from AS Colour is a really good option, but you can find cool ones at your favourite stores as well.


NPR’s /All Songs Considered/ recaps the past decade in music: The last 10 podcasts on the /All Songs Considered/ feed chronicle each year in music since NPR Music’s foundation. It’s really interesting to hear very smart people get into a room and talk about music. If that’s your thing, these podcasts will be right up your alley.


@abstractsunday on Instagram: I’ve been watching Abstract, a series on Netflix about design. The first episode of the series follows Christoph Niemann, an illustrator who has done a whole bunch of New Yorker covers, among other interesting things. This is his Instagram account, where he posts a whole bunch of interesting drawings and other interesting tidbits. Well worth a spot in your feed.

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